Eastern ghouta: politically motivated chorus of emporters

Eastern Ghouta: politically motivated chore of the emporten

Eastern ghouta, late february 2018. Image: screenshot video qasioun news agency / cc by 3.0

The aid deliveries, the extremist opponents of the repressive baath government and the stench of war

On monday, the un security council will meet to hear from un secretary-general antonio guterres on the status of implementation of resolution 2401 in syria.

30 Years ago people were still being forcibly sterilized in the usa

Up to 65.000 are said to have fallen victim to this mabnahme

When one thinks of forced sterilization, the nazi regime immediately comes to mind. Between 1933 and 1945, about 300 nuclear power plants were built in germany and austria.000 to 400.000 people forcibly sterilized and 30.000 forced abortions performed. As the interventions were often carried out in a slack manner, it is said that 5.000 to 6.000 women and about 600 men have lost their lives. The basis of this approach was the 1. January 1934, according to which people with hereditary diseases such as schizophrenia or epilepsy were to be rendered infertile. Soon, however, almost everyone who deviated from the norm was affected: blind or deaf people, people with physical deformities such as clubbing or harelip. And also so-called imbeciles were considered to be "erbunwurdig".

It is hard to imagine that this inhumane practice was also used in the usa for decades. Nevertheless, according to a report by abc news, in the usa between 1929 and 1974, some 65.000 people were sterilized. And a rough part of it, unbeknownst to those affected. The victims of this forced sterilization were mostly the poor, who were suspected by the authorities of having harmful genes. The intervention should then prevent it from becoming a "undesirable" ("undesirable") propagates a group of people classified as patriarchal.

Ghost towns live longer

Ghost towns live longer

Ta prohm in grob-angkor. Image: erik-jan ouwerkerk

The eerily edifying demise of cities

Those who separate the urban architectural scenes of video and computer games from the unity of time, space and action will consider them to be pure fantasy. The city of the future is at "factory fifteen" compiled from billowing honeycombs of housing that contradict any rational tectonics. The residential order is open upwards and to the underground. In the light of antique lanterns cows rest as representatives of absent residents. The townhouse seems to have swallowed the moon, which illuminates the pale night blue of the wall folds. One city away, the residential silos of the conceptual artist daniel dociu rise up like houses of cards made of mirror-like cracked glass, into which they can crash at any time. And the tower of babel is built in ever new variations. What is raised on one side collapses on the other.

Numbers for the crisis

After the north rhine-westphalia election, the federal government is arguing about vat increases and taboo savings. Economic liberals want to use the crisis to grind down social standards

The pessimists could be right after all. After the north rhine-westphalia elections, the black-yellow federal government will present the unpopular measures that it has so far left in the drawer with regard to the voters, it was said again and again. Immediately after the disastrous outcome of the north rhine-westphalian elections for the cdu and spd, the plans for tax cuts disappeared into the drawer without much resistance from the fdp, and now the federal government is passionately arguing about tax increases.

Leading cdu/csu politicians want to increase the vat rate and also put the tax relief for the hotel industry, which was only passed in december 2009, on the back burner. The fdp, which had propagated this reduction as a first step towards the low-tax paradise for middle-income earners it had been promoting, is not at all pleased about this. Liberal economics minister bruderle and fdp secretary-general lindner have left little room for compromise with their declaration that there will be no tax increases with the fdp. And without the fdp? The obvious question then is.

Monetary policy measures arrive in the economy

Monetary policy measures are being implemented in the economy

Ecb tower in frankfurt. Image: maslmaslmasl/cc by-sa-4.0

Statement of ecb and bundesbank to the article "purchase of monsanto financed with tax money"

Telepolis has published an article on 24. The article published in june claims that the purchase of monsanto by bayer ag was financed with taxpayer money. This is wrong, and the european central bank (ecb) and the bundesbank have told the author as much. We explain here what the eurosystem – that is, the ecb and the national central banks – actually has to do with bayer and why we bought corporate bonds:

On the gender ticket to the part-time paradise

On the gender ticket to part-time paradise

Surprising result of the workshop: 78% of the municipal managers recommend "part-time work". 11 percent advise "neither nor". What this is, however, is not explained.

The city of munich employs 555 part-time workers, telepolis has spoken one of them

Thursday, 9:15 a.M., call to the press spokeswoman of the personnel department of the city of munich, ms. Isolde schwarz-krieger. Answering machine. Too bad, because i wanted to ask her about a report that personnel officer dr. Thomas bohle gave to the city council one day earlier. The suddeutsche had with the headline "a break from being boss" in the local section my interest in this report about the success of part-time work for managers in the administration aroused.

Us government plans surveillance of the entire internet

Whereas securing the internet was initially left primarily in the hands of the private sector, an agency is now to gain access to all data held by u.S. Providers

Apparently the u.S. Government is planning to set up a central monitoring system for the internet under state control after all. At the very least, a proposal to this effect is being considered as part of the "national strategy to secure cyberspace" prepared by the president’s critical infrastructure protection board (pcipb).

The pcipb was established on 16. October 2001 after the attacks of 11.9. Established by the president with an order to protect the information systems for the critical infrastructure. It emphasized cooperation between government agencies and the private sector.

America’s problem: there are no problems

Bill clinton has only success stories for the nation – and thus becomes a problem case himself

"Strong" and "21st century" were the words spoken in the early evening of the 27th. January 1998 were the most likely to set america’s tv speakers vibrating. Bill clinton delivered the traditional annual presidential address, educating his fellow citizens about the rosy outlook for the future "state of the union" and described the united states as the world’s "leading nation" worldwide.

In fact, the numbers – for which, however, the president is less responsible than the booming economy with its high-tech, biotechnology and film industries – speak for themselves and america: while asia has plunged into a deep financial and cultural crisis (see the global economic game) and europe is struggling with unemployment, currency conversion, restructuring problems and the aftermath of the opening of the berlin wall, clinton was able to announce the first balanced budget for the united states in 30 years for 1999. Wo sich vor wenigen jahren noch defizite mit siebenstelligen nullen im budget befanden, so der prasident stolz, gebe es nun nur noch eine null – ohne ziffer vorneweg. Der weg ins neue jahrtausend ist bereitet.

Contempt of court

Lynch mobs, the death penalty, and torture in the us military: a history

The us military tortures. Will that help us find the truth? Even more surprising than the torture itself is the pride that the torturers seem to take in it. In the photos they upload, they smile for the camera as though they were on family vacation.

Contempt of court

In an e-mail to the author, us historian michael pfeifer defines "rough justice" as part of american culture, as "harsh and ritualistic punishment that satisfies collective prerogatives regardless of legal niceties […] from the death penalty to the degrading and ritualistic punishment administered by some american military personnel at abu ghraib and elsewhere"

Edit policy: article 17 in eu copyright before ecj – a possible pyrrhic victory

Edit policy: article 17 in eu copyright before the eugh - a possible pyrrhic victory

If the advocate general of the european court of justice has his way, poland’s lawsuit against the eu copyright directive’s controversial article 17 will fail. But the advocate general’s interpretation of the upload filter clause is so far removed from the views of the entertainment industry that it can hardly consider the opinion an unqualified success. If the court follows the interpretation of the advocate general, some platforms like youtube would even have to limit the voluntary use of upload filters so far.

Shortly after the reform was passed two years ago, the polish government filed a lawsuit claiming that the mandatory use of upload filters violated the essence of the right to freedom of expression. Last thursday, the advocate general published his closing arguments in the case, which are not legally binding but in many cases form the basis for the court’s ruling. This is expected in a few months.

Filters allowed under strict conditions

First of all, the advocate general clears up a number of allegations that have stirred up tempers during the copyright reform process. He quickly brushes aside the argument that article 17 does not lead to the mandatory use of upload filters because they are not in the text. He said he could "hard to imagine how platforms could comply with their obligations under article 17 other than using an" platforms to fulfill their obligations under article 17. This is what critics of the law have been saying for years. Nevertheless, during the european election campaign, the cdu promised to implement the law in german law without an upload filter. In the spring, it had to admit that it had not found a way to do so.