A directorate for the eu?

The inclusion of great britain did not expand the franco-german axis, but destroyed it

"The berlin summit is an outgrowth of national interests", rumbled the italian minister of foreign affairs, franco frattini, when on 18 september the. Gerhard schroder, jacques chirac and tony blair met in the german capital on february 18. In the small eu member states one spoke of the conference of a directorate.

This was not meant as a compliment to democratic maturity either. The directory was one of the numerous dictatorships during the turmoil after the french revolution of 1789. The five-headed body, constituted in 1795, consisted mainly of men who had ended the so-called reign of terror the year before and had put its leader, robespierre, under the guillotine. Now, although there was less bloodshed, there was also more arbitrary rule than before: the grassroots chaos of the jacobin clubs was replaced by the clear directives of the board of directors. What had actually remained of the power of the people that was supposed to replace the rule of the king??

In the current case, too, the amption of power by the executive board signifies the transition to a new form of rule, but not in the process of forming a modern nation-state (as in 1789 ff.).), but of a postmodern supranational state. The berlin-paris-london trio replaced the berlin-paris duo, which had given impetus to the development of the eu throughout the 1990s. When chirac and schroder joined forces at the beginning of 2003 to reject the war in iraq, continental cooperation took on an anti-atlantic perspective – u.S. Secretary of defense donald rumsfeld reacted with the schmah vom "old europe".

Nevertheless, both governments were already forging a common statehood, which avant-gardists soon spun into a vision of a union of the two countries. At the so-called praline summit in brussels at the end of april 2003, the creation of a separate military force was proclaimed together with luxembourg and belgium – outside the nato structures. A common misstep also welded together economically: together, the finance ministers on the left and right of the rhine violated the eu stability pact, together the budget sinners in the brussels committees absolved themselves and brusqued the eu commission, which was willing to punish them. Nach dem vorlaufigen scheitern der eu-reform mitte dezember erhielten die plane, statt einer unformig erweiterten eu einen kleinen, aber feinen sonderbund zu konstituieren, weiteren auftrieb.

Dafur verwendeten kommentatoren den begriff kerneuropa, obwohl den eigentlich cdu-vordenker wolfgang schauble 1994 in ganz anderem kontext entwickelt hatte. Werner weidenfeld von der bertelsmannstiftung, einem der wichtigsten deutschen think tanks, prognostizierte jedenfalls nach dem brusseler gipfel-flop: "since the weekend, core europe has become a real option for shaping the european unification process."

Der luxemburgische regierungschef jean-claude juncker brachte damals ein erstes separattreffen interessierter staaten bereits fur januar oder februar ins gesprach. Daraus wurde nichts. Was am 18. The meeting that took place in berlin on february 2 was in fact the opposite: the inclusion of great britain did not expand the franco-german axis, but destroyed it. Blair is one of the most loyal followers of u.S. President george w. Bush. It has torpedoed majority decisions on ies of eu foreign and military policy as well as the establishment of an eu headquarters, without which an eu army would remain dependent on nato structures. Why schroder and chirac nevertheless had to go along with blair is explained in a new study by the german society for foreign policy, which is working for the chancellor’s office. The authors warn that germany and france have been able to isolate themselves within the eu and speak of a "concrete risk of minorization".

Therefore, in order to have majority support, germany and france must base the european security and defense policy on a permanent trilateral basis with great britain. Constructive relations with the usa are an indispensable condition…


None of the urgent eu problems were tackled on this excellent trilateral basis at the executive board summit. Neither was a proposal presented on how to resolve the disagreement, especially with poland and spain, over the distribution of votes in eu bodies, nor was there any sign of a compromise on the question of the future eu budget – freezing it or increasing it in favor of the new members? – to. Furthermore, it remains unclear what is meant by the eu’s super rapid reaction force, which is to be set up by 2007 – in place of? As the core? As a complement? – the rapid reaction force, whose deployment at the end of 2003 also failed to materialize.

Instead, the three heads of state and. Heads of government posts for the future eu commission. According to schroder’s ideas, there is to be a kind of super-commissioner for economic affairs starting in the fall; gunter verheugen, who is retiring as commissioner for eastern europe, is under discussion for this "pay more attention to the needs of industry" and "anti-innovation and anti-business regulations" if the chancellor abolished the health care system, the guests from paris and london agreed with the chancellor. This is the lowest common denominator of the big three: to minimize the ability of the brussels bureaucracy to intervene against domestic heavy industry. In this way, however, no common state is created, not even a confederation capable of action, but only a common economic area. The deregulated neoliberalism that prevails in it can already be seen in great britain: last winter, more people froze to death there than in the whole of russia without a health care system in place.

The historical example shows that a board of directors is an unstable form of government. Mismanagement and corruption of the management clique led to state bankruptcy in france in 1797. The attempt of the bankrupts to conceal their economic failure by military successes offered a certain bonaparte the chance for advancement. As a victorious general, he deposed the directory in 1799 and proclaimed himself first consul, later even emperor of the country. Whether the eu directorate will also curse itself into glorious field marches? And where is the napoleon who will then blow the panel apart??

Jurgen elsasser’s book will be published in mid-march "war eyes. From the attack on yugoslavia to the trial against milosevic" (publisher kai homilius)

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