Amazon alexa gets widgets as well as apis for food orders and music munches

Amazon Alexa gets widgets as well as APIs for food orders and music munches

Amazon expands the apis and features of its digital assistant. At alexa live 2021, the company has presented widgets, individually customizable routine tasks and the transfer to mobile phones. There are new skills and apis for music, radio and food orders. In addition to the internationally available pensions, some were considered at the us market.

To start the keynote called debra chrapaty, vice president and coo amazon alexa, as well as jeff blankenburg, chief technology evangelist amazon alexa, a few numbers. Thus, amazon pays over 900 worldwide.000 registered alexa developers and developers, the a total of 130.000 alexa skills have created.

Pasting with widgets and routine tasks

Widgets are an additional type of interaction on advanced screens. They are visual content interactively and approving entries before calling the actual skill. For example, clicking on a specific area or checkoff of a task directly drove to a suitable action. To create the widgets, the alexa presentation language (apl) serves for other visual elements.

Amazon Alexa gets widgets as well as APIs for food orders and music munches

The widgets can be connected directly to the skills for different actions.

The alexa routines that are on commands like "alexa, start my day!" several actions bundling, can now be added to custom tasks. For example, the routine "alexa, what’s going on today?" create directly to skills for selected news content, sportnews or stock market updates.

Another basic innovation is send to phone: a application started on the digital wizard can be passed on to a mobile phone. Skill developer can combine the innovation with the quick-links that have existed for some time and the call of a skill on an alexa device over a url to increase the reverse route.

Amazon Alexa gets widgets as well as APIs for food orders and music munches

Mcdonalds uses the send-to-phone function to transfer coupons to the mobile app.

Once 152 subsoy

The new food skill api aims on suppliers of food orders. The interface is similarly built like the apis to music or smart home and should provide customers and customers food options in a flexible way.

With the freshly presented media skill components, providers of content such as music, podcasts or radio stations can create interactive applications. Add to that with song request skill a component, with the radio djs alexa can be clamped to take music. Obviously, the streaming platform iheartradio already uses the component.

Conversations with background knowledge

Alexa conversations had already presented amazon last year already on alexa live, but first rolled out only in the us. The conversation interface uses deep learning to manage dialogues in skills flexibly. At this annual event, amazon not only has expanded the availability of the service to all english-speaking regions, but started a beta for a german-speaking variant.

Under the keyword alexa entities, skills can access the knowledge graph of alexa to retrieve general background knowledge. As an example, amazon leads to the average weight of a hippopotamide in addition to the poppet and capital of belgium.

For special and rare words, the first as a limited part of the developer-preview offers self-service tool customized pronunciations the possibility to specify the pronunciation for own and product names or subject printouts.

Even faster in the shopping cart

Shopping at amazon is also highly surprisingly in focus: shopping actions offer direct connection with commands like "in the cart" or "buy". Also, the offer for reordering articles such as batteries or printer ink uber alexa has extended amazon to spare parts such as air filters.

Amazon Alexa gets widgets as well as APIs for food orders and music munches

The rpg starfinder integrated buy uber alexa.

Additional innovations relate to the okosystem for manufacturer and developer. The latter find an a / b test service for their skills, and for the former amazon has announced the availability of the alexa connect kit (ack) for developing advanced with connection to the language services outside the usa, among others, among others in europe.

Some of the contested innovations are not available in germany. So amazon first launches the multiplayer games on alexa in the usa. The api allows you to create more interactive, asynchronous games, for example, as a modern variant of the mail chef. Also the name free interaction (nfi), where skills for typical inquiries like "alexa, earnings’ me a story" or "alexa, i need a work-out" if you can offer, first reserved the usa.

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