Apple bought israeli start-up for foto-ki

Apple bought Israeli start-up for foto-ki

Apple has secretly acquired another start-up – and apparently already integrated its technique in ios or ipados components. At the company, it should have been an israeli company, which was also found in so-called stealth mode, so it was not yet in appearance. The young basic hort on the name camerai ltd. And has specialized in ki functions for video and photo recordings. According to the israeli newsservice calcalist apple reached for one and a half years ago.

Technology of important part of ios and ipados

The suppure, which officially has officially confirmed apple or camerai, should have cost several ten million us dollars. Camerai employees are now busy in apple’s computer vision team. There, the group is also working on image recognition procedures for his augmented reality and video applications. Allegedly, the technique developed by camerai is now one "significant part of the apple camera". Camerai was grounded in 2014, but worried little money.

A total of three million dollars are allegedly passed on risk capital. Most of the money was taken in 2017 – 2.5 million. Such sums are for technology start-ups peanuts, but also mean that the purchase by apple was very lucrative, because the land probably held even greater shares. Camerai was headquartered in tel aviv and served 13 employees. Most of these are now moved to apple’s buro in herzliya.

"Ki-based see"

The aim of camerai was to "ki-based see" to create where the camera "understand the scene better and build augmented reality graphics that interacts in real time with these techniques". What exactly does that mean, remains unclear. Apple stores more than 1500 employees in israel in his buros in herzliya and haifa; the group operates rough development centers in the area of ssd technology.

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