Breitscheidplatz: how exactly did the attack happen??

Breitscheidplatz: how exactly did the attack go down?

The christmas market at breitscheidtplatz 2013. Photo: arild vågen. License: cc by-sa 3.0

Although more than a year and a half has passed since the truck attack, the federal prosecutor’s office is unable to answer many questions – interview with attack victim andreas schwartz

Twelve people died in the attack on 19. December 2016 at the breitscheidplatz in berlin fell victim, dozens were injured, some seriously, even more traumatized. Der attentater war mit einem sattelschlepper abends um 20 uhr in die menschenmenge des weihnachtsmarktes bei der gedachtniskirche gefahren. Many people were ear and eye witnesses to the crime. Nevertheless, numerous details are still unclear or disputed to this day. Many questions remain unanswered, such as why the perpetrator was apparently able to escape so easily.

Two special investigators and three parliamentary committees of inquiry are struggling to clarify the background to the crime. But they notice that the questions are more and not less. Many things are alarmingly reminiscent of the nsu complex, which also remains unclear. The federal prosecutor’s office is still investigating the events of the crime. Meanwhile, the parliamentarians have to wait for the files to come in.

The fact that it is not even clear what exactly happened on the day of the attack makes the victims nervous. Many people made perceptions – were they questioned? What kind of witness statements are there? With what content? One wonders about this also because in the meantime statements have become known that do not fit with what has been officially declared.

According to the version of the federal public prosecutor’s office, the suspected assassin anis amri is said to have left the fuhrerhaus in the afternoon of the 19th. December 2016 to have chosen as a murder weapon the truck that was parked on friedrich-krause-ufer in berlin. He belonged to a polish freight forwarder. At around 7:30 p.M., amri allegedly shot the truck driver, took control of the vehicle and drove it to the christmas market on breitscheidplatz at almost exactly 8:02 p.M. Eleven other people died there.

Money, toleration certificate and two cell phones in fuhrerhaus

The assassin is said to have left the scene of the crime and the city undetected. It was not until the following day that his wallet, a certificate of toleration from the kleve foreigners authority and two cell phones were found in the driver’s house, thus establishing his identity. Nevertheless, amri escaped from the investigators. Not until 23. December 2016, he was allegedly stopped by police officers in the middle of the night near the sesto san giovanni train station near milan and shot dead after an exchange of fire.

Andreas schwartz from berlin was killed on 19. December 2016 one of the visitors of the christmas market. He was standing at one of the consumer stalls when the truck pulled into the square. He managed to save himself at the last moment, injured himself in the process, but then helped with the initial treatment of the seriously injured.

Schwartz was a truck driver himself and is a trained paramedic. Since the attack he is unable to work. He is fighting unsuccessfully with the unfallkasse berlin for a payment so far. He receives a state victim’s pension of 141 euros per month and received a one-time victim’s compensation of 9000 euros. With the recent tripling of family compensation payments for fatalities to 15,000 or more. 30 000 euros were injured people like him not taken into account.

Andreas schwartz made observations during the attack that support the version of the federal prosecutor’s office. Already in june 2017, he described these observations in detail to investigators of the federal criminal police office. Because nothing has come of this in his eyes so far, he turned to the amri investigation committees of the berlin house of representatives and the german bundestag in june 2018, submitted his observations in writing to the two committee chairmen and offered to also testify as a witness.

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