Controversial law: turkey behaves advertising ban against twitter

Controversial law: Turkey behaves advertising ban against Twitter

For breach of a controversial social media law, turkey has a ban on advertising against twitter. The ban also concerns twitter’s live video app periscope and the online picture mandrel pinterest, as shown in a decision published on tuesday in the official journal.

A law adopted in july obliges suppliers of foreign platforms with daily more than one million turkish users, among other things, to open up in turkey with a turkish state burger as a representative. Also possible is the representation by a legal person. If no representative is registered, penalties are gradually limited to a reduction in bandwidth. So that the pages can be made quasi unusable. Activists and human rights activists introduce the government to ensure censorship.

"Immediately" name representatives

Deputy transport and infrastructure minister omer fatih sayan wrote on twitter, you hope that pinterest and twitter "immediately" the necessary steps companies. The reduction of bandwidth for social networks that do not fulfill their obligation is the last thing to wool.

Already in december, turkey twitter and other networks, including facebook and youtube, had fined fines. Youtube, facebook and other providers have meanwhile wanted to name a representative in turkey.

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