Dodge charger pursuit: tuning for the emergency vehicles

Dodge charger pursuit: tuning for the emergency vehicles

Los angeles, 19. December 2011 – the american strast crown ford victoria crown was a popular cargo car for the us police due to its robustness for a long time. But the sedan for high fuel costs gradually banished from the police service. The result: in august 2011, ford has set the production of crown victoria. For the lucrative succession at the authorities, ford taurus, chevrolet caprice and dodge charger are now arguing. In the latter, the company’s own performance department mopar now missed a tuning.

Verstars for the siren

In order to find more obedience not only in the public, but also with the police, mopar has first missed the dodge charger pursuit a very stronger for the siren. The amplifier was attached behind the new cow trap on the front. With this is now a troubled vehicle muhelos to scrap ram. In addition, the mopar team placed a series of new led lights at the car. To send the new technology to the dodge charger, mopar relocates a new wiring harness and additional fuses. The high-tech equipment is located mainly in the trunk and is cooked by air conditioning.

Six or eight cylinder

Although the name mopar out "engine" and "part" – in german "motor parts" – composed, the performance department on the dodge machines has nothing changed. There is still a 3.6-liter v6 with 296 hp and a 375 hp 5.7-liter hemi-v8. The maximum torque amounts to the six-cylinder 362 nm, the eight-cylinder has 528 nm. Both transfer their strength to the rear axle. An ethanol gasoline combination tank and other fuel-saving technologies should provide a comparatively low fuel consumption.

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