Dok-ing xd: croatian electric pot

Dok-ing xd: croatian electric pot

Geneva, 8. Marz 2010 – the croatian company dok-ing rounded in 1991 is actually working primarily with vehicles to remove landmines and construction machinery. At the geneva motor show (4. To 14. Marz 2010) the company dares to be a new terrain. Here shows dok-ing in the environmental exhibition "pavilion vert" an electrically powered microscope named xd.

Only 2.80 meters long, but goals …

The only 2.80 meter long flitzer falls on through airboards. Inside it offers space for three adults, with the driver sitting in the middle in the middle, the other two persons take shake off behind it. The electric drive should allow acceleration from zero to 100 km / h in 7.7 seconds. This is a value that undercut the in the microstar sector only cars like the 160 hp abarth 500 essesse.

Up to 250 kilometers range

Two electric motors with 65 hp drive the car over the front axle, while 300 nm torque are available. The highest speed is set to 130 km / h – accordingly, according to the manufacturer, the best compromise is made of good range and fast progress. At the battery, buyers have the choice between favorable lead batteries and modern lithium iron phosphate store. Last measure after two hours recharge time at the socket after all, a driving distance of 250 kilometers. The electricity costs indicates dok-ing with about one euro to 100 kilometers.

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