Dragon drive: the car as a smart tohorer

The language specialist nuance has introduced a recognition system for spoken language, which should be available from automotive manufacturers from mid-2012. The system called dragon drive! Will give new car models to an intelligent language comprehension. Instead of firmly predetermined commands, the driver should operate the system with flexible language entries, which understands it thanks to an intelligent analysis, regardless of how they were formulated exactly.

With the slogan "the hands on the steering wheel, the eyes on the strain" nuance promotes the new system. From the control of the music system via the sending of sms messages to navigation, everything should be controllable by language. However, in the description of the manufacturer, a multimodal system is the speech. So if a dictated sms is correctly recognized on the display of the system, a simple tap was allowed to be accepted to a send button as input; alternatively, the driver can send the message via voice input.

The manufacturer’s video shows what with dragon drive! Be possible to be possible. The illustrated driver dictates a text message, sends them and read the answer. In the film, the system also reads the transcripts and on request also the entire text of web messages and causes the playback of playlists or specific songs. On the question about an italian restaurant in the close makes it proposing and starts the navigation for the desired italian.

As the first part of the entire system, the manufacturer dragon drive has! Messaging completed, which is first available for six languages, including german,. Further languages and functions should be added gradually. Names of car manufacturers who want to use the system for their production did not named nuance.

As a core, the technique of pc dictation software dragon dictate is in all speech recognitions of nuance. Unlast, the manufacturer has adapted this technology to very different hardware such as televisions or smartphones. Also behind the iphone language assistant siri sees itself to nuance technology. As with siri, the actual recognition also finds at dragon drive! Instead of a server. This is not only possible because of the interpretation of natural language inputs significantly more computational power is necessary than when using less, fixed commands. The goal is to provide the user of the user in all areas of life from the living room to the car up to the mobile device for the road the same services. For example, addresses or playlists must be stored centrally. (dwi)

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