Driving report renault clio grandtour dci 90

Each nation has its own car accident culture. Roughly britain sparkles despite remarkably aggressive truckers with europe’s best discipline on the rough motorways. In germany, we forget the safety, but at the same time with teething and claws around the last territory of free highway, at which the right of performance applies. And france still remarkably remarkably, with much lower population density than us, limited highways and humpy lands. Anyone who wanted to travel comfortably long routes in the permitted pace was always better served with cars from france when our prejudices allowed that.

As described here, an ancient clio fascinated me, which the wife for 500 euros bought to learn again and transport her animal. I did not know that the clio is so rough that after 15 years he can be practically stainless, and that he is equipped with a whole class of high grip: air conditioning, leather seats, electric windows and mirrors, 107 hp rated power. Then i was interested in the current clio model as a station wagon "grand tour". According to his name, i did with renault to drive a real grand tour, of course, in france, namely in brittany. These are at least 1250 km from here.


Also the topic of the co2-"overrun"-we already had penalties here. French producers build small tower into all cars to reduce fleet consumption. Noticeable performance is no longer offered. This works very well. Why that is so, betrayed a long drive in france. You simply never need a lot of power there. And then the diesel engine in every little car: france preferably the diesel is still more than germany, so that the motorous price expects itself very fast there very quickly.

The clio dci 90 with its 66 kw (90 hp) ride on the german highway, where she is open, a travel tempo from 170 to something over 190 downhill with backwind. The small engine turns up, is heavy and consumes more than high tempo built drives. On the french highway then the consumption commuted to the sections with usually 130 km / h limit between 5.3 and 5.9 liters per 100 km, on the last stucco federal skirt in the brittany with permanently between tempolimit 80 and 110 were it only 4.3 liters – despite marginly packed car and winter tires. On the cruise on the cruise, dafur renault also built this car apparently.

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