Eu commissioner: new exhaust tests until the end of october

Eu commissioner: new exhaust tests until the end of october

Sharpers and more realistic exhaust tests before the inclusion of new vehicles, in europe, according to eu internal market commissioner elzbieta bienkowska are still beginning to begin in october. "Until the end of the month, we will set up new exhaust tests," she said today picture newspaper. It is about measuring the outstool of nitrogen oxides in the actual traffic. "The time of laboratory tests is over."In the scandal to ensure manipulated values of diesel emissions musse vw for transparency, credited bienkowska:" this affare must be fully clarified to increase the confidence of the customers."

Vw brand boss herbert this had informed the eu commissioner at the end of september at the end of september in brussel on the former state of work. Also from associated, environmental protection organizations and politics, there are always louder calls for new test methods, where cars are examined in real driving on the strain instead of the check. The transport ministers of the countries called on the federal government to use themselves at european level for new standards.

In the us, the investigations against the wolfsburg carmaker meanwhile expand. In addition to the investigations of the environment agoda epo and the ministry of justice, the merchant fertc (federal trade commission) is now called the case vw. According to the magazine politico to advertise for the diesel cars designated as "clean diesel". The ftc also confirmed that other media.

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