Expert: “chrysler will disappear”

In ten to 20 years, an indian and two chinese car manufacturers are located next to toyota, hyundai kia, volkswagen, gm and ford to the dominant manufacturers in the world. "Chrysler will have disappeared," says industryskenner ralf kalmbach from the company consulting roland berger to the technologie magazin technology review in its current ie 9/2008.

With the entry of manufacturers from developing courses in the automotive industry, the industry has changed fundamentally. The indian automaker tata show with his nano that a car with a surbaceable basic functionality and little comfort must cost only 1700 euros. Production costs the manufacturer saves, for example, by using simple technology and components that have already developed suppliers already developed. For example, bosch has developed a motor control based on a motorcycle system, which has been developed on a motorcycle system and has been further developed with a surbaceable effort – despite low costs, it throws a considerable profit for the supplier. Even in safety, according to kalmbach there are rough smears. But "a tata nano does not replace a vw polo, but a two- or tricycle. The security gain for the customer is enormous despite the simpler technology ".

The cost efficiency of the indian manufacturer has consequences for the established auto industry. Because already many customers are no longer ready to pay a lot of money for a car. "In the past, the suppliers were gagged, but the overall process did not optimize. Now the established manufacturers can learn from cheap producers that they no longer need to do everything – instead you can take standards and save resources where there is a supplier’s development anyway."

In 2007, the then daimlerchrysler ag had stabbed chrysler, the resulting chrysler llc has been fighting with hard cuts around profitability since then. But not just about chrysler, but also for ford and general motors make analysts. Thus, last june reported that the three carmakers were sufficiently liquid to survive the year 2008. But they had to bring fastest models to market that the market requires and in turn setting the production of shophuters such as suvs and "trucks".

But while gm and ford in their own group have access to european technology, chrysler can refresh his model program only with the help of other manufacturers. Ruinos race for innovative products at favorable prices are not good conditions.

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