Fiat crosses

Fiat crosses

Frankfurt, 27. February 2014 – fiat is at the geneva motor show (6. To 16. Marz 2014) with a cross version of the panda cross an exception under the planked before. Based on the panda 4×4, it offers standard all-wheel drive and indeed as well as good landing properties thanks to a short wheelbase, soft suspension and low weight. Probably even better, because fiat wants to have improved the freight angle again at the cross. In addition, a cross version of the freemont will be in geneva.

Indicated difference for extroverted

The underwater of cross-protected of cross-models of the cross-protected of the cross is something for extrovert, because perfected and visually very massive he makes on off-road rally. Not only optically improved fiat has the boshing angle to 24 degrees front (plus three degrees compared to the panda 4×4) and 33 degrees rear (plus one degree). The ground clearance and thus the ramp angle remained with 150 or. 160 millimeters depending on the engine but equal. The driver can option between three operating modes of a terrain control system. In the "automobile"-mode automatically regulates the torque distribution between front and rear axle by slat coupling. There is also one "lock"-mode in which the electronically controlled blocking differential canceling radder automatically braking, as well as a downhill "hill descent". The first gear is highly translated, so that you can drive in the difficult sirloin without grinding clutch stepping speed.

Same fuel consumption despite multi-performance?

As with the other panda-4×4 versions, a turbodiesel and a two-cylinder turbo gasoline are available for election. Both aggregates have five ps more than usual to underline the position of the panda cross as a top model, as fiat says. Despite multi-performance, the sprite consumption of the twinair turbo with 4.9 liters is allegedly equal as at the normal 4×4, which, of course, allocated to the meaning force of the standard cycle. After all – no other all-wheeller with gasoline engine is so economical in the nefz. Serial maby is installed a manual six-speed manual transmission. The diesel version is on the road with a manual funfgang manual transmission, its average consumption is hardly lower with 4.7 liters than at the ottoversion – there are more economical four-wheeled diesel models.

The cross is above all a feature version of the panda 4×4 – the third next to the basic version 4×4 and the 4×4 skirt. Further features are fabric leather seats, a leather shift knob and a leather steering wheel. There are also a climate control, a cd radio, electrically adjustable outdoor mirror and 15-inch alurader with all-season tires. On request, for example, there is also a city emergency wizard for the heated windshield.

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