“Give with bing”: microsoft extends reward system for its search engine

Microsoft widens its reward system called "microsoft rewards" and wants to support good purposes. So far, you could collect by the use of bing points that were convertible in pramien, raffles and gift cards. Now you can use them to donate.

"Give with bing" run in the usa and starts now in some countries of europe, germany is also there. Worldwide, one can support 1.4 million different organizations with the points collected. They come from the areas of healthcare, social justice and education. So far, one million us dollars have come together that microsoft has forwarded. In germany, one can concern about the german red cross, unicef and the reisverein for youth and social work.

Added value by collected data

Users who have registered for the reward program see in an overview how many points they have collected and what organizations they have donated. A simple search query gives three points. However, there is no concrete equivalent in euros or us dollars that microsoft communicates. For the registration you need a microsoft account. Microsoft encourages nonprofit organizations in a blog post to ask their members, "give with bing" to use. Of course, you must be registered as a receptionist.

Microsoft also writes you believe that you can get added value from the search queries that you make daily. That is why one is excited, the extended availability of "give with bing" can be announced, causing the simple search to do something – "without having to open the purse for that". For the use of the search engine see searchers already with their data, which microsoft does not really use less for advertising purposes and translated into money than google. That’s how the approach gets the painting of a good conscience. And can make the change to bing tasty.

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