Hdr photography

From michael freeman

HDR photography

The hdr technique promises, with the help of an exposure series the brightness circumference of a motif complete – without eating lights or accumulated shadows – to the photo. How to work in detail what problems appear and how to repel, the photographer is explained by the photographer michael freeman based on numerous successful examples. He does not dislike hdr-typical backlight and night scenes, but shows how almost "normal" photos with hdr technology can be further improved. As a practitioner, he does not blend from spectacular effects and keeps the goal of a possible photographic appearance of the result always in view.

Freeman is based on the hdr programs photomatix, fdrtools, pfstools and easyhdr as well as the hdr functions of photoshop, allowing their settings and evaluates the results of the tonemapping called contrast reduction. The latter rarely supplies perfect results right. Therefore, the preparation of the individual photos and the post-processing are dedicated relatively much space. Hdr workflow with seven case studies as well as instructions for hdr stitching (summarizing gross pictures from individual images) round off the practical part. Sometimes even two programs have (freeman’s favorites are photomatix and fdrtools) sequentially act on the same hdr image. Photoshop is used almost exclusively for post-processing of the reduced hdr image.

Vulnerabilities of the book are in the rather wide-based theoretical part, because the completions often remain out of focus and sometimes even faulty. Value is trying to find a uniform terminology for hdr-typical effects and problems. Under the dash serves his book but professionals and laymen, the tips and concrete instructions for these still very labor-consuming but worthwhile technology. (rst)

Ralph altmann

munchen 2008 market + technology verlag 160 pages + dvd 30 € isbn 978-3-8272-4381-2

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