Lisbon (e), 9. Marz 2016 – with its unertailed design, the new e-class is discreetly adjusted between c and s-class. She has to make a wide spagway to convince families, taxi fighters and business people, where they can set up as a single-car and high-tech at the level of the s-class. Most recently, the audi a6 (in europe) and in particular the bmw (worldwide) went away. Both competitive models have displaced the e-class into the third row.

For europe, the diesel is so important that daimler has developed a new four-cylinder self-cord only seven years after the appearance of the om651 appeared with billions. He will be installed in the e-class for the first time. In its mean expansion stage, the full aluminum engine in the e 220d 143 kw / 194 hp makes and has a rotational force of 400 nm. The spurt 0 on tempo 100 creates the business model in 7.3 second, its highest speed is at 240 km / h. The combination with the nine-tier transmission automatic transmission is preferable, due to the narrower graduation may not be so dynamic as the eight-stage zf automatic of the competitive models.

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Already taken for itself is the new engine quieter, but also by a further lowered speed level. The standard consumption of the mercedes e 220d is located despite 1.7 tonnes of empty weight at just under four liters diesel. Compared to the transaction, the new e-class is 80 kilograms lighter. It has grown by about four centimeters to 4.92 meters. But although the wheelbase increased to 2.94 meters, the scales rose only by six millimeters. The trunk volume dropped a bit to 530 liters, new is a 40:20:40 divisible in the ratio of the backrest backrest.

With the optional air suspension, the e 220d becomes a gentle that is close to the current s-class in the comfort. To fit air-conditioned seats, heated armrests and numerous massage programs. Who applies it, can also live in the driving programs sports and sports plus also joyful winding slopes. His true strong is in the modes "comfort" or "eco".

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