Logistics multi order 500 rivergas trucks from iveco

The jost group, one of the large pan-european transport and logistics companies based in belgium, has ordered 500 heavy-trucks of type iveco stralis np (natural power). They are operated with incremented natural gas (lng). Lng is present at times in heavy long-distance traffic than the only true alternative to diesel fuel. By 2020, the jost group wants to increase the river-dash-operated portion of its truck fleet to 35 percent.

The stralis np is according to iveco the most sustainable heavy duty cars for long-distance traffic. The first 150 vehicles will be delivered to the jost group in 2018, until 2020 will then drive all 500.

For this purpose, the jost group is building a separate lng petrol station network in central europe (especially in germany), with up to three gas stations in the gross belgian.

The new iveco stralis np replace the between four and five years old diesel trucks (before euro vi) of the belgian company, which maintains a fleet of 1400 trucks and 3000 attachments. Jost group currently has 132 iveco stralis trucks, two of which are operated with compressed natural gas (cng).

According to iveco, the demand for lng is growing in europe. In the press release of the truck manufacturer, it is that the german federal ministry of divergent diggas for the next ten to 15 years for the best solution in long-distance traffic. The natural gas powered stralis np, then it is called, stobe depending on the driving operation and gas composition by at least 10 percent less co2 than the comparable diesel model.

With biomethane, up to 95 percent co2 could be saved. In the earth-technology of iveco, the fine dust pollution was negligible and the nox outset in long-distance traffic by 50 percent lower than with diesel trucks. In addition, the technology is much quieter. The engine noise is reduced by about 50 percent.

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