Machnig: additional co2 reduction only with electric cars

The co2 outset of cars can only be lowered beyond the previous eu objectives only with a significantly larger number of electric vehicles. The business state secretar matthias machnig said on tuesday at the presentation of the study "co2 emission reduction for cars and light commercial vehicles after 2020" in brussel: "other significant co2 savings can only be achieved through a wide use of alternative drive technologies."

Even more stringent targets also had to take into account framework conditions such as cost development for batteries or the expansion of the charging infrastructure. Machnig therefore demanded a concept from the eu commission for the period after the year 2020, which also includes measures to demand the electromobility. After the european co2 legislation, a maximum of 130 grams of co2 per kilometer since this year has been cut out, from 2021 to 95 grams are considered highest value. The eu commission examines additional single-saving goals until 2025.

In addition to cars with economical internal combustion engines, the manufacturers also bring electro- or hybrid vehicles to the market in order to achieve the fleet goals. But so far e-cars are expensive, even the lower range and the missing charging infrastructure froged purchasers from: 2014 only 8522 e cars were released in germany – with a total of 3.04 million new cars.

Although further significant emission cuts are technically possible after the study. But they are economically a rough challenge, said machnig. Because alternative drive technologies such as plug-in hybrids and pure battery vehicles are still associated with significant additional costs, which pay the new car buyer.

Volkswagen boss martin winterkorn had explained in october: "each gram co2 we save in europe in the fleet costs our group nearly 100 million euros."The first chairman of the ig metall, detlef wetzel, said on tuesday in brussel, the trade union considered limits for co2 emissions although there is a principle of correct:" but we have to talk about it, which is technically feasible and busy policy."

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