Opel concedes price of the new natural gas zafira

Opel concedes price of the new natural gas zafira

Russelsheim, 29. January 2009 – whether the acquisition of a natural gas vehicle is worthwhile, significantly depends on the price of the cng-suitable version compared to conventional alternatives. All the more the tense was allowed to be on the price of the 150 hp zafira with turbomotor. And from russelsheim now announced positives: the compact van named "opel zafira ecoflex turbo" is from 25.To have 430 euros. He even undercuts his equally strong turbodiesel siblings by 780 euros. The market entry is beginning marz 2009.

5.3 kg of natural gas at 100 km

According to the manufacturer, the opel consumes 5.3 kilograms of natural gas to 100 kilometers and emits 144 grams of co2 to 100 kilometers. Based on a current price of around 100 ct / kg h-gas, you come to fuel costs of 5.30 euros per 100 km. This value undermines despite the currently equally at about 100 cents per liter diesel price, not every driver of a zafira self-igner.

Cng experience since 2001

Opel has been offering optimized motors for natural gas mode for natural gas mode. The zafira 1.6 cng – cng stands for compressed natural gas – is according to opel the best-selling natural gas vehicle in germany. It has already been over 40.000 times produced in the bochum plant.

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