Rc3: phone by assange-friend muller magun obviously compromised by cia

RC3: Phone by Assange-friend Muller Magun obviously compromised by CIA

Andy muller maguhn, chaos computer clubs (ccc) speaker reported on sunday on the remote chaos communication congress (rc3) of massive improvement attempts by state intelligence services. That the cia was afterwards, is therefore obvious for him, when he discovered after a repair that his coiled communicating landline has been adhered to an integrated abortion module.

Professional "paranoia"

The hacker is sitting on the supervisory board of the wau-holland foundation and has several crucial wikileaks publication in their archive as the video made by chelsea manning video "collateral murder" secured from the iraq war. In recent years, he also visited several times the wikileaks-grunder julian assange in his asylum in the ecuadorian embassy and reported on the ccc congress over its local monitoring through the spanish company undercover global.

For some years, the signs had been broken down that he himself was even shaded off and shading at step and kicked, muller-maghn launched in his this year’s lecture. He is because of his professional "paranoia" very attentive to the receiving corresponding signals, the security expert stated. For example, he thought at first attacks on his mobile phone: this has suddenly "a lot of data" transfer and was often downgraded to 3g. This mobile communication generation is much simpler than about 4g or 5g.

Spontaneous vpns and problems with pgp closing

Even in the landline, it has gave problems problems, the computer scientist explained. For example, during surfing in the network strange transfer tunnel in the form of virtual private networks (vpns) were built. When fitting mails with pgp, it has given strange foreleges with the conclusions, even the succinct environments of communication partners had no longer worked. All this has been comparatively harmless: "you can win there."

Unbestful, according to muller-maguhn, when he had been punched with numerous questions when entering the great britain of one day with numerous questions, how long he was in the countryside and where he wants to travel. First, he suspected that the security authorities wanted to invest biometric language languages from him. The officials did not belong to him and their list started again after a time. Apparently it was a pure delay tactics, until one "team is ready to pursue me".

Back up mobile phone with abhore component

So the 49-year-old remembers about intrusive observers when visiting a friend’s burrosis. The shading has always become more open and aggressive: so cars had persecuted until his sleeping place, although this was in a one-way strain. When traveling to other countries, he had noticed homeless beggars who had suddenly traded with high-resolution cameras with strong zoom.

Muller-magun’s most relaxing evaluates a physical mistake on his cryptophone, which he has to send in 2018 because of a defective display. The repaired device then waited with a stranger integrated crypto hardware along with its own flash memory and 800 mhz antenna.

Open post and exchanged turasters

The phone itself had been five years old, the abhore components came from april 2013, explained the expert. When exactly the device had been installed, had not been recognized. She had already installed before the repair can be installed with the appropriate effort. For this you need a procedure with multiple people and physical access to the telephone. Everything looks like a commercially tailored intelligence surgery in the form of a "tailored access", even if it was probably a standard lauscheinstein.

His turshlery was also changed, the cylinder has been removed, so he had not come to his apartment, defendant muller-maghn: "they were in my room. You know what else i did so." postal items to spanish lawyers were – clearly recognizable -.

Interventions in privacy

For the assange support, it is clear that it should be shaken from the state side. He sees the cia at the factory, as their then boss mike pompeo wikileaks 2017 as "non-state enemy intelligence service" have made, "which is often stored by state actors such as russia". Especially geargert have the later us foreign minister that the creators of the tranquilization platform with the "vault-7 leaks" the cia also set the pillory for extensive hacking programs. In 2018, pompeo wikileaks set a level with al qaeda, is or hisbollah.

How to escape the monitoring, muller-maghn is so far a council. With law firm, little reaches, as it does not give an official legal case for this. It was also difficult to let pompeo arrest. He was also happy to give himself the faith of many fellow human beings that everything was not so bad and he’s easy "normal life" further should. The interventions in his privacy are too deep for it. So remain another option, he turned to the hacker community gathered in front of the screens: "i will farmers and their lost the problem."

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