Tests and tender: why drone defense is missing at german airport

Tests and tender: Why drone defense is missing at German airport

"Thank god, it has never happened that a drone flew into a engine", says isabelle polders, spokeswoman of the association of german traffic airport (adv). Every few days sifting pilots or tower lot drones in a danger of danger, 125 cases were a total of last year. However, deutsche airport is still missing in technical facilities, drones or even ward off.

Tests, no tenders

In august, the federal german air traffic control (dfs) started to test various detection systems in frankfurt and munchen. By november, that should take. "Only one pre-guided, this is not a competition, no tender", stresses dfs spokesman boris pfutzing. An eu-compliant call for tenders was then followed by 2021.

The company aaronia in the eifel has the monastered airport in europe, london heathrow, with a system for detecting and tracking drones. Likewise the airport in oman and singapore.

Two more airports in arabia and asia followed this year, says firm urge and boss thorsten chmielus. The system in heathrow had just cost six million euros. Why not yet installed at the german airport, "i do not know that either", he says.

Other inserts

The electronics specialist esg in furstenfeldbruck rummages together with the ulm company hensoldt and other partners just the bundeswehr with a drone defense for their campaigns in foreign attacks. The guardion system protected the g7 summit with us prasident barack obama in 2015 in the bavarian elmau in 2015 in the bavarian elmau, as well as the g20 summit in hamburg 2017 and the international aerospace exhibition ila 2018 in berlin.

Of the "drone tracker" the manufacturer dedrone based in kassel and san francisco is in use according to company information on 15 civil and militar airport. Now dedron is there at the pre-guides in munchen and frankfurt, says spokeswoman friederike nielsen. The corona crisis do it insofar "easier that not so many aircraft fly". Because before each drone start, the testers had to get the release from the tower to get no plane in the way.

Nearly ran

Most hobbypilots from drones are on the weekend. Some tried to make spectacular shots of starting and landing aircraft – "nearly ran", to show them on youtube, says nielsen. A coarse threat is also also controlled drones that whiz through the air until the battery is empty. Not to mention potential terrorism.

"A drone is worse than birds. If you come to a engine, this can crash", says adv spokeswoman polders. For drone danger in the security zone "the operation is set immediately". The london gatwick airport was therefore silent before christmas 2018 for two days, flights were canceled or redirected, 140.000 passengers were affected. In 2019, london heathrow and frankfurt caught. In the fall of 2019, the police took climate protectioners who planned drone actions in heathrow.

Render harmless

Discovering the drones is one thing – make them blurry, another. A possibility is to capers the wireless connection to the pilot and bring the drone to the ground – "if this is allowed, with the permission of the federal network agency", says nielsen. In gatwick, the hists had considered the shooting of the drones, but discarded because of the danger of misguided projectiles.

Another possibility is to capture the drone with hunting drones with a network. As that works in practice, the dfs had presented in early 2019 together with aaronia and rheinmetall in the bundeswehr airfield manching at ingolstadt. Now the federal police is working on the hamburg airport on the project "falcon" with a net scavenger drone. The federal police wants to destroy the coarse airport with defense systems. The cost per airport is treasured to 30 million euros.

Unclear state

"A problem in germany is the question of statefulness", says nielsen. When financing, the airport refer to the air traffic control, which is conditional for the detection of drones. For the defense on the airport the federal police, in the environment the state police state. Storsender must authorize the federal network agency.

"We are glad if we have a solution. But important is that it works one hundred percent", says a munchner airport speaker. That’s exactly what the german air traffic control looks like: "if we import a drone detection system, it must be safe and should never be other air traffic control systems, radio, radar states", stresses dfs spokesman pfunging. "Our security assessment must be one hundred percent. We can not import fault tolerance in aviation because fatal consequences can have."

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