Three new jerking actions at general motors

After harscher criticism about the handling of dangerous lack of the opel parent company general motors (gm) in the usa ordered more than 1.5 million cars in the workshops. "I instructed our team to improve the efforts on our ongoing product conversions," explained gm-boss mary barra on monday in detroit. She promised rapid solutions.

The detroites now started three new backlacks. At 1.18 million railing vehicles, the airbags and belt tensioners can be failed. At 303.000 transporters there are material problems at the dashboard. And nearly 64.000 cadillac limousines can drive a short circuit in the engine compartment to a fire. Opel vehicles are not affected by the renewed random rallies, explained a gm speaker.

Gm is suspected to have a decade for a decade of defective tagging a decade. For more than 1.6 million cars worldwide, the end of the end of the time threatens to jump into the "off" position during the trip. This usually does not just switch off the engine, but also power steering, brake force-winning and airbags. The car maker himself brings between accident dead with the defect in conjunction, consumer protections come on far higher numbers.

While the problematic tag locks outlined in old models from 2003 to 2007, wagons must now be in the workshop from the years 2008 to 2014. For current models, a sales stop is valid until the shortage is fixed. Gm estimates that all jerk calls together will cost 300 million dollars (215 million euros) together in this quarter.

The barra standing since the beginning of the year has written the quality arance on the flags. "That’s why it’s about today’s gm," she stressed on monday. Barra promised clearance about why the jerk call lasted for as long as long. "We look at the internal processes and will at the afterth try more developments," she said.

The jerk with the cowl locks has been a danger for the image of the manufacturer, especially in the home market. Over the past few weeks, there were increasingly criticism of consumer protectioners and politicians at the behavior of the company. Meanwhile, the judiciary also looks at the case.

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