Three strong middle class diesel in comparison

Three strong middle class diesel in comparison

Hair, 3. June 2009 – in the middle of heavy times for opel, the new insignia has proven to be a sales success. Good test results certainly contribute to their part, but also the design seems to be well received by the customers. But how does the middle class sedan be in comparison? As competitors we have the insignia 2.0 cdti a ford mondeo 2.2 tdci and a mazda 6 sport 2.2 mzr cd opposite.

Engine and gears
none of them is no one of them: all three candidates are driven by strong self-religious. Leader of the trio is the mondeo, which sends a power of 175 hp on the front wheel. The mazda follows with 163, the opel supplies 160 hp. With the highest number, the ford stands out not only in the car quartet, he is also the splendidest of the comparison. However, the kolner shows a slight approach, from about 1800 revolutions, the mid-classler jumps off with a lot of steam. 8.7 seconds pass up to the 100-brand. The mazda needs 9.2, the opel 9.5 seconds. Joked the mazda, however, the slowest, maybe it’s that it is also with that he has the quietest engine in this comparison.

Powered diesel after the cold start

After the cold start diesel all three strong, but when driving, the japanese remains quietest, followed by ford. The machine in the opel sounds very rough especially under load. Something surprised have the three candidates in consumption. The factory information at ford are 6.2 liters, in everyday life we needed 8.2 liters. The mazda is given 5.5 liters and was driven by us with 7.8 liters. Russelsheim calls a value of 5.8 liters, but our insignia has taken on average 8.9 liters. Clear winner in the spardisciplin is the mazda, the insignia does not cut well in this regard.

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