Three times more cutting: toyota world premieres in paris

Three times more cutting: toyota world premieres in paris

Koln, 1. September 2008 – for about a year ago, it was so far, toyota uberholte gm and became a big car manufacturer in the world. But now the most successful car maker has caught up the schnode marketqualitat, at the end of july, the company had to lower its sales forecast in the us and the sales figures were also broken up in germany. New models could help, especially if they counteract a commonly upty criticism – the somewhat house-cheeked design, which has been reinterpreted in better times to the success guarantor. Free after the motto: is not already, but successful through soliditat. In this regard, the paris motor show may not be a sensory change.

New avensis with high belt line

At the center of the car show of 4. Until 19. October 2008 is the new edition of the avensis. Also in the french capital: the series variants of the ultra-compact car iq and the compact suv named urban cruiser. First information and pictures of the three premiere cars are shown here.

The third generation of the avensis lost the current mid-range series, which has been relevant since 2003. On the only single image from the sedan – a rear view – above all the relatively high, backwards slightly increasing belt line falls. There is a short tail with sharp edge and clearly contoured fecal flight. The new avensis should be powered by "powerful and clean engines" with reduced co2 out. In addition, the japanese manufacturer for his mid-class model promises improved quality level and advanced amenities.

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