Antiglobalization movement and anti-semitism

Naomi klein calls for the fight against anti-semitism through a stronger differentiation between jewish positions and the israeli government

Naomi klein, autorin des antiglobalisierungsbuches no logo, hat der antiglobalisierungsbewegung vorgeworfen, zu wenig gegen antisemitismus zu unternehmen und damit der "increasingly brutal occupation policy" of ariel sharon to be helpless in the face of it.

Social justice activists tell themselves that as long as jews have such powerful defenders in washington and jerusalem, they don’t need to fight the battle against anti-semitism themselves. But this is a terrible mistake. Precisely because anti-semitism is used and abused by figures like sharon, activists must reclaim the fight against anti-semitism.

The prominent globalization critic was alarmed by the success of jean-marie le pen in the first round of the presidential elections in france and the anti-war protests in washington, where 75 people turned out to vote.000 people also demonstrated against the israeli occupation.

Every time i go on the internet to news sites run by activists like indymedia.Org go practicing ‘open publishing,’ i am confronted with a bunch of conspiracy theories about jews and the 11. September as well as excerpts from the ‘protocols of the wise men of zion’.

Naomi klein according to the guardian of 25. April, where the article was reprinted the day after it appeared in the globe and mail.

She does not see the danger of a connection between the globalization protest and le pen, because le pen supporters hate the arabs even more than the jews. Also the movement is against globalization "not anti-semitic", klein judges. But: "a lot of people on the left just take sides. In the middle east, where one side is under illegal occupation and the other has the u.S. Military behind it, the choice seems simple."

However, the movement against globalization must and can play a role in the fight against anti-semitism "a decisive role" play. "Nothing will eradicate anti-semitism, but jews outside and inside israel could be somewhat safer if there were a campaign to distinguish between the various jewish positions and the actions of the israeli state." as a positive, practical example, klein cited the cooperation between globalists and israeli soldiers who refuse to serve in the occupied territories.

She accused the israeli prime minister ariel sharon of weaponizing the jews’ fear of anti-semitism. In addition, he said that his policy "at least in part" to blame for the growth of anti-semitism. A thesis that promptly provoked protest: klein rightly condemns anti-semitism. But if she blames attacks on synagogues on sharon and the jewish state, "blames the victims instead of the perpetrators. In a similar incident in a mosque, she would never blame the leader of the palestinians, yasser arafat, or a muslim state", criticized marvin kurz of the league for human rights of b’nai brith canada in a letter to the editor to the globe and mail.

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