Apple works on own iphone modem

Apple works on own iPhone modem

Apple wants to build another core component of the iphone itself: on an internal event before employees, the hardware technology chief johny srouji responsible for the chip development has confirmed that the development of an on-site mobile radio modem has begun. The step has been expected for apple’s billions of intel’s fashion division.

You have this year "the development of the first internal mobile modem" begen, srouji is from the economic news agency bloomberg quoted. A separate modem allows another "decisive strategic transition", such investments were through in the long term "technical innovations" pay off.

Apple has intel’s modem

The top manager referred to the use of intel’s modem company in 2019, the step had helped apple to build a team of hardware and software specialists for the own development of a mobile radio modem. First radio chips are already developing apple itself, including the w chip series in the apple watch for wlan and bluetooth connections, as well as the ultra-wide band chip u1.

There is no information about a schedule for the apple modem. It is appreciated that apple wants to integrate the modem into its system-on-a-chip (soc). In addition to the iphone, the manufacturer also offers ipads and apple watches optionally with mobile phone understatement, but macs so far not – either the first macs with apple chip.

The development of a mobile radio modem applicable globally applies is considered a gross challenge. To the 1 billion us dollar expensive reap of intel’s fashion division also hedged 2200 employees and 17.000 patents, including important protocols for mobile radio standards, modem architectures and functional methods of baseband processors.

According to previous reports, apple aims for a separate 5g modem for the iphone 2021, for the support of 5g networks in the iphone 12, a modem of qualcomm (snapdragon x55) is used.

Long deal with qualcomm

In the long term, the qualcomm was allowed to get out of the iphone: apple had carried a bitter patent with qualcomm and then suddenly settled in the spring of 2019, probably not least because the modem partner intel could not bring his 5g modems to market maturity quickly enough. The then new between apple and qualcomm closed license agreements runs until 2025, accordingly allowed in the long term even queen chips in certain iphone rows remain. Alter iphone models hold apple partly about years in the program.

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