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Berlin operates service portal'' jetzt in eigenregie'' jetzt in eigenregie

The country berlin operates the online capital portal "berlin.De" now in your own. The country, which previously held the investment bank berlin (ibb) 25.2 percent of the shares in both trager companies, took over to the 1. July the remaining business shares from the previous main shareholder, the berliner verlag ("berlin newspaper", "courier"to). The media state secretar christian gaebler on thursday with. Bv deutsche zeitungsholding gmbh held 74.8 percent so far.

Accept for a long time

On the portal so far with the private partner, numerous information and service offers are tied up – from news on cultural and outgoing tips to hotel conferences, trade fair calendars or lists of economic requirements.

For quite some time, the country has been seeking a complete overall to restore the portal and offer administrative services there. In 2018, the senate ordered the contract with the berliner verlag on december 2021.

"As the capital, we are entitled to offer users-friendly, service-oriented, sustainable, contemporary and secure portal as part of digital existence provision to users", explained gabler. "For the course of course, this capital portal is operated in purely public. We thank the berliner publisher for the long-term good cooperation and the smooth design of the transition."

In 2019, gabler had a meeting of the media committee of the berlin house of representatives "target conflict" talked to the previous private partner, who would like to make money. With the aim of offering the portal concrete administrative services for the burger there, there are also high demands on data protection.

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