Concerts co.: bavarian police should be helpful and visitor through

Concerts & Amp; Co.: Bavarian police are supposed to threaten helpers and visitors

In bavaria, the police task law (pag) for years should be further encouraged. The government fractions of csu and free electors have a change for a new article 60a for one "reliability conveyance" uncertain. Accordingly, the police should be started with concerts or bookball, "which are associated with significant security risks", personal data of a person "with their written or electronic approval in public and non-unavailable bodies levy, deliver and otherwise process".

Reliability conveyance

Prerequisite for the widespread power should be that the maaking "for the activity of the person concerned is required and appropriate". To determine this, the proper helps are intended to carry out a hazard analysis in advance. As examples in which the appropriate safety inspections can be done in particular, the coalition calls special access permissions to events and event series, "which are particularly danger", as "privileged access to an official building or another hazardous object or area".

In question, the data analysis should also be "for the provision of services to support advocacy", for persons who have access to safety-relevant documents or similar contents, or "for purposes of personal and object protection". The police can also see the plan according to the reliability examination also the identity of a person and copy them from their presented card documents or request multiples about from the perso.

Hazard analysis

The investigators should continue to empower the result of their screenings to another place if they decide on the security rating of an event. If there are concerns about a person, this is to be informed before the data transfer over the click to inform if the person concerned has requested this before. There should be a possibility to comment. If the organizer permits a person despite a striking note, he can be obliged to communicate this to the police.

According to the fundamental, the ordinals should be examined in the process above all, "whether insights of security law relevant to the affected person in the police files and databases or other public authorities". Which information systems "be specifically queried and to what extent this data adjustment takes place", be determined in the risk analysis. The latter supports itself "the concrete planned field of application of the affected group of people". In addition, allowed "also publicly balanced data".

Social loan system as in china

The interior committee of the bavarian landtag has already adopted the application on wednesday with the votes of csu and free electoral options after the coalition had brought him only a few hours before. The parliament parliament must still agree in one of the next weekend weeks, which is considered as a formality. Experts did not hoard the deputies on the project.

Not only this unusual rapid process surprises critics, but also the vague content of the clause. These conne will be an inventory for social scoring, ie the establishment of a social credit system such as in china, said markus loffelmann, professor for safety law at the college of the federation for public administration in berlin, opposite the "suddeutsche zeitung". With such statistical methods originating from the area of bonus, the social behavior of burger is expected to be evaluated in the context of point systems.

"A whole new dimension of monitoring and control"

If you want to share in social life, you will only be able to, "by giving his consent to a police fluoroscopy", earled lofdelmann. The intended passage have one "huge spreading width". It stay "completely open, which group of people is affected". Furthermore, not determined, "which data is used". Existing obligations, for example, for employees at the airport or guard services, to undergo a safety inspection, have now been expanded "on all burgers in bavaria".

According to the report, the munchner leg scientist mark zoller warns "step towards the surveillance state". This is "a whole new dimension of monitoring and control", a "wish dream of chinese conditions". The fact that the coalition does not want to protrude to certain occupational groups in the fluoroscopy is just as conspicuous as the lack of involvement of the data protection officer.

Critique of opposition

Also from the opposition hails criticism. Of a voluntariness of the planned review, no speech will be a speech, horst arnold monitors from the spd faction. The green faction chief katharina schulze complained: "again, the government crankes burger rights and disregards the privacy, although we live in the safest federal state." the inside expert of the csu group, manfred landner, but does not understand the excitement: according to him, the new paragraph should apply to him only for people with special access authorization. It does not go to normal concert visitors, but about employees in the backstage area and service providers at events.

An expert commission had recommended the bavarian government two years ago, the particularly controversial concept of "threatening danger" in the pag. Against the amendment of law 2018, thousands of people had gone on the strain in demonstrations. They also fired that the reform of the burger rights severely barred. Opponents like the green rang in bavaria an action for action against the "danger" a member of parliament of the left, green and the fdp jointly called the federal scarred court.

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