Covid-19 false information: facebook locks venezuela’s prassides for 30 days

Covid-19 false information: Facebook locks Venezuela's prassides for 30 days

The venezuelan prasident nicolas maduro was locked on facebook for the statement in a video that a thyme-crawl solution covid-19 could heal on facebook. The video published on facebook was now led by the social network and maduro konnne the next 30 days nothing on the platform posts, reports the bbc.

The video, which was posted on the facebook page maduros, had been removed because it has violated the guidelines of the group to misinformation over covid-19 and the people were exposed to a risk of consequential damage, a facebook spokesman explained against the bbc. "We follow the instructions of the who" and that there is therefore currently no drugs to heal the virus, the facebook spokesman continues to explain.

False information and anti-vaccine campaigns

Last year, facebook already lose a video of brazil’s prasident bolsonaro because of the assertion that the drug is hydroxychloroquin – which is approved, among other things, for the treatment of malaria – in the treatment of covid-19. From donald trump, two of his facebook videos released from him, with the allegations that covid-19 "less deadline" as the flu and children "almost immune" against the coronavirus, also laughed. A twitter post on another remedy of the venezuelan prasident was provided according to the bbc also due to false information from the short message service.

According to an analysis of the center for countering digital hate (ccdh) – a non-new non-governmental organization (ngo) against online hatred and misinformation – only a dozen people are responsible for the spread of thousands of anti-vaccine contributing to facebook and twitter, including those also robert f. Kennedy jr. – the nephew of the former us prassident john f. Kennedy – which leads one of the groups, it is called in the report.

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