Death of a visionar: lee kun hee developed samsung to technology giants

Death of a Visionar: Lee Kun Hee developed Samsung to technology giants

Advanced and criticized, universality and yet as eccentrics vomited: lee kun hee was one of the most advisable and most powerful economic drivers sudkoreas. Only rarely dear the richest man of the country interview. Also rar were his public appearances. His backment was in strong contrast to the meaning of samsung as a large mixed group of the country, whose undisputed chairman and leading visionar he was a long time. Lee died on sunday in a hospital in seoul, as samsung announced. He was 78 years old.

1987: samsung build on the sony competitor

The ambitious lee already sat down the goal of expanding samsung to the world group. Under his line, the group flagship samsung electronics developed for the world-growing manufacturer of memory chips. In addition, the technology line today is a large producer of smartphones and televisions.

The rise of samsung to the high-tech company had his beginning in 1974, when there is still under lele’s father and group primer lee byung chull with the superscript of hankook semiconductor in the semiconductor business. Lee kun hee had the leadership of the chaebol – as sudkorean family companies overall – after the death of his father 1987. His vision: samsung should offer the forehead as a technology group of coarse japanese companies like sony. The son cremated samsung radical around: "we need a second start to catapult ourselves in the top ten of the technological top companies in the world", he explained then. In 1988, samsung brought his first mobile phone to market.

Compleased subordinates

Lee was still seen in the series of bangharter chaebol bosses whose instructions are followed by the subordinated contradictory. But at the same time he drove the decentralization within the conglomerate and gave the managers to great decision-making powers. His saturated raptant of 1993 before the assembled manager team, "anything else, auber your wife and children", was considered unfriended bid. His son lee jae yong, which was built by the father as successor and is now unofficial corporate chief, has the reputation to pursue a rather softer footing style.

Lee kun heees was damaged when he was convicted in 1996 because of bribery of the early prasident chun doo hwan and roh tae woo for the first time for a keeping penalty. A year later he was pardoned by the former head of state kim young sam. After renewed lubrication funds against samsung, lee was then forced to rescue as a corporate chief in 2008.

Stripping puller after the end of an ara

This relates a fleet vacuum to samsung. His jerking was evaluated in sudkorea as the end of an ara. However, despite its backrest, as a stripping puller, he continued to control the scan of the group behind the scenes, which includes, among other things, a shipbuilder, construction corporations, insurance and the operator of a leisure park. Two years later, in marz 2010, the official comeback took place when he had retained a lead position as a ceo of samsung electronics.

The year before, he was still sentenced to a preservation of three years for tax evasion and confidence breakage from a court in seoul. But at the end of 2009 he was pardoned for the sudkorean application for the 2018 olympics olympics. Sudkoreas then prasident lee myung bak said he did not ignore the requests from the sport and economy, after which lee kun hee was crucial for the application of pyeongchang as the venue. At that time, the entrepreneur was still a member of the international olympic committee (ioc), time of his life was the early amateur ring sports enthusiastic. As a samsung boss he also appeared as a call for the sport.

Chaebols with one "lack of transparency"

The special investigators had at the indictment of lee and other top managers "structural problems" at samsung and one "lack of transparency" established. They met the core of the criticism, which in particular burger groups and small investors have been inelectously underlined at the chaebols and still overlooking samsungs.

In may 2014, the next shock for samsung took place as lee kun hee suffered a heart attack. From the infarction, the ex-corporate chief had no longer recovered. Lee was on the 9th. January 1942 as a third son of lee byung chull (1910-1987) and his wife park doo eul born. He leaves his wife, two daughter and a son. His youngest daughter, lee yoon hyung, died in 2005.

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