Do it yourself

Do it yourself

Munchen, 7. February 2014 – in great britain, you have a long tradition, in the usa you will be loved, in germany you will mostly beauve you mistrust. The speech is from the kit cars, under their often beautiful shell usually simple, but preserved and cheap coarse serial technology works. Kit car means nothing else in german as a kit car and already explains a lot. There are small companies that produce a body from gfk and over the floor group of a production vehicle gauntlets, many also offer self-contired frames and wheel deposits. The buyer acquires the city council from the kit car company and worried the other battered parts such as engine, drive, brakes, etc. From donor vehicles. He then builds the kit car in homework, which matters of course a lot of craftsmanship.

Very popular in the uk

In the uk alone, the high castle of kit cars, doing dozens of such companies, but only a few have brought it to the famousness, such as caterham thanks to the lotus seven. From some kit car manufacturers even defined vehicle manufacturers have emerged, z. B. The story of tvr began in 1947 in the garage of trevor wilkinson in blackpool.

The british tax office raised significantly lower tax rates on kit cars than on production vehicles, which is why it came mainly in the 1950s and 1960s to a boom to kit car providers on the island. However, no assembly instructions were allowed to be included, whereupon lotus simply confessed a disassembly instructions that the monteur had to follow ruckwarts. The rough kit car-ara ended abruptly on 1973, as a coincidence of the eec contributed and the general value added tax introduced. Nevertheless, many companies survived because the customers wanted to have a special car or just had the spab on the screws.

Even in germany, there were a lot of kit cars, often based on the vw kafer. So especially the buggies were sought after in the 1970s. The cafer had the advantage that his body could easily be separated from the bottom plate and remained all mechanical components on the chassis. The most successful kit car on a cafe-based was the nova of add, a flat sports car located somewhere between ford gt40 and lamborghini miura, from the above 10.000 stucco were sold in license under a variety of names worldwide. Today, the kit car market is projected mainly from post-buildings historical role models, mostly sports cars,. There is a striking lot of replicas of the ac cobra and lotus seven on a wide variety of bases and engines.

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