Dodge ram long-hauler concept truck

Dodge ram long-hauler concept truck

Auburn hills, 4. May 2011 – there should be people, for which the waiver of fossil fuels necessarily leads to their coarse consumption. For example, chrysler proves that you can quite refuel a car to the equivalent of around 900 euros and has certainly good reasons. The dodge ram long-hauler concept truck is a study that does not really match the gearful ecological ideas.

A tank finishing costs up to 900 euros

Alone the mabe of the dodge ram speak for himself. With a long of about 7.32 meters, a wheelbase of over five meters and a high of two meters, it is also slowly tight on the broad strain of the usa. The base of the monster pick-up is forms the ram 5500 crew cab. The tank holds 644 liters. At the vw amarok just fit 80 liters of fuel. At a fuel price of around 1.40 euros per liter diesel in germany, full refuses over 900 euros are fally. It is cheaper in the usa. At a converted diesel price of 79 cents per liter in los angeles costs there a complete tankload 509 euros. How far one comes with it and how thirsty is the dodge ram, chrysler does not indicate, but it limits us that he is not a cost-acceptance, not at all in view of the following data. Because the same overlimmed as the tank of the study is the 6.7-liter turbo diesel whose maximum torque of 1083 newton meters. Nevertheless useful static friction, the four-wheel drive and the vehicle weight of more than four tons provide.

Dodge ram long-hauler tours through the usa

Whether it really means chrysler with the study, remains to be seen. For the next few months, the pick-up tours the us and shows itself on several events. According to its own statement, chrysler wants to test the reactions of the pick-up-rewarded americans. The target group for the monster truck are solvent farmers, towing services, racing teams and boat owners.

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