Downsizing for urgent: sportec vw golf 1.4 tsi

Downsizing for urgent: sportec vw golf 1.4 tsi

Hori (switzerland), 21. July 2009 – downsizing has now arrived in general language usage. Small volume engines with turbocharging promise favorable consumption and exhaust values with at the same time high torque and performance yield. A rather athletic interpretation of this concept is the sportec sc 200. Because from the 1.4 tsi in the vw golf bring the swiss tuner 200 hp and a torque of 300 nm.

40 hp and 60 nm more

Reprogramming the engine electronics increases the performance of the recharged benzine direct injector of standard mabigen 160 hp by another 40 equestrian. When torque there is an increase of 60 nm. The performance-enhanced golf speeds up 100 in 6.8 seconds at speed 100 and even depends on the golf gti, which is slower with two-liter turbo and 210 hp slower.

Superplus instead of great

The gasoline consumption of the golf should remain favorable: the made sportec version can therefore be around 0.6 liters more per 100 kilometers than in the series motorization, which comes with 6.3 liters of fuel to 100 kilometers. In order to fully develop the performance, the sc 200 requires the octean richer super plus after the intervention. From auben, the effort of the tuned golf can only be recognized by a sport exhaust, which is very close to the series optics, but striking with a hearty sound and, above all, causes more throughput for more throughput and a lighter drainage of the combustion chambers. To safely bring the increased performance to the strain, sportec recommends the installation of a sports suspension. In addition, for particularly sporty ambitious driver is a sports brake system conservation. Alurader in 18- or 19-inch coarse help on request to a stately appearance.

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