Downsizing – that does not work!

Downsizing - that does not work!

Decrease, slim, less for money, minimal car – with trabbi and cafe you could also get from a to b. Does that want someone? And can anyone want in the country of premium car manufacturers?

But, of course we want that – at least we want to worsen all more economical, more efficient motorizations – but not with the blemish, to worsen something to something less, to worsen us. The growth of the vehicles themselves, so the always coarse new models in each class, is an indication of that. If a new car, then it should have a little more space and comfort, a few horsepower, have a little new electronics wrapper.

That certain "more"

I can not decide whether the automakers have took us to follow us so or if they follow them only a low in the buyer-rooted wish. In any case, the mechanism has worked in perfectly from the first car. And so i have a full understanding of it that a v6 fan first warbs the face, if someone might make the same car with the same strong 4-cylinder engine instead of the same car. As a rule, he first thinks of growling compressors or fiders turbochargers and at a roughly crushed aggregate to the attack, which is the internal agitator. And exactly such an acceptance creates a term like downsizing too.

Smaller is better

However, downsizing, ie the more efficient utilization of small engines, is a practicable way to the co2 lowering, which promises to the driver just a lower scritification calculation. And basically that will have been practiced for a long time, because the liter’s performance of gasoline and diesel engines increases. Where the manufacturers once needed 6 cylinders and at least 2.5 liters of displacement to decrease a diesel engine 150 hp today brings a lighter, frictional 4-cylinder diesel with 2 liters displacement capacity to 170 hp with significantly lower consumption.

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