Drive: volkswagen for habilization

Maybe you asked why there is little until no real new information about volkswagen fraud. We have, as probably many other media also, after hearing in the us volkswagen germany asked a few of the many open questions. We even tried to ask a few simple, today in principle well-answered questions, because the meta news about how it stands with the readiness for information. In the following, the communication with volkswagen, which is commented on three places, can form a separate judgment on the basis of which readers can form:

Q: who was the person who at the meeting on 3. September 2015 admon the automatic shutdown device? She could only admit that because she knew it exactly.

A: all aspects are currently being investigated. An external examination was also commissioned to this. Please have a literacy that currently no further statements can be made, who has become aware of the time about individual facts at what time.

Q: who has commissioned this person to admit the attack?

A: see answer 1

Q: why has volkswagen just admitted the attack at this point? It would also have gone sooner or later or only in court.

A: see answer 1

Q: how much money per car had tasted at that time to actually comply with the strict us limits of manufacturers?

A: i have no knowledge about it.

Q: hearing fell the legitimate question: "how can not a manager have to know something?" michael horn answered: "i agree that this is difficult to believe." volkswagen remains in the assertion that "a pair of programmers" single-handedly helped the group from the zwickmuhle group without mission, without their work ever being controlled?

A: it has not been claimed to be "a pair of programmers". Who was responsible, is currently being investigated intensively. Before completing the internal and external, independent investigations, we can not provide any information about this.

// michael horn has said that practically worshiped at the hearing, whereupon i turned up volkswagen and asked for an opinion because many software engineers fell from this exercise in front of his head. No answer.

F: following request: so it is possible with the big car manufacturer in the world to bring as a programmer to any own code to millions of end customers?

A: this too is currently being intensively examined. Before completing the internal and external, independent investigations, we can not provide any information about this.

F: follow request: what does that say about the security of your processes?

A: in order to complete such things certainly noticeable, we will review our processes and the organization accordingly in all details and adapt. First organizational measures within the meaning of the multi-eye principle are in the implementation.

Q: you see that the foregoing questions have a rhetorical share. The single-style history believes volkswagen no informed person. Which arguments might submit volkswagen to underpin an individual theory? So far, there is only the claim.

A: these are speculation to which we do not say anything.

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