Frankfurt / main, 17. December 2013 – as steeply like fiat, the topic downsizing has not yet been a car maker. Only two cylinders! But fiat could at least appoint a tradition and had a congenial development partner with schaeffler. For a good three years, the engines also work (except for the installation position) in a stylish in the fiat 500. Now he gets the sharpest version of the two-cylinder with the 105 hp variant. So far, he had to get along with 85 hp.

The twinair turbo lost the previous 1.4-liter gasoline engine with four cylinders and 100 hp. The performance remains the same. The sprint to 100 km / h should take 10.5 seconds, the tip at 182 km / h. The consumption should decrease, namely from 5.1 liters to 4.2 liters. In addition, the unit already reaches the euro 6 emission standard. Despite a difference of 20 hp, the smaller twinair brother has little weak, but hardly surprised. Finally, the multi-performance is rarely used speed range. With the 85-horsepower transaction is 173 km / h in it, the standard sprint takes eleven seconds. With four liters consumption and 92 grams of co2 outstall is 0.2 liters and seven grams under the new 105-hp engine.

Small engine – small differences. Also in the price

Fits the rather small differences in consumption and performance is the price designed: the fiat 500 twinair turbo loungekostet 15.950 euros. These are 700 euros more than with 85 hp, but an esp is already included, which is calculated at the weaker 500 with 200 euros. About the lounge equipment, the s as well as the gq with bicolor paint. Also for the 500c cabrio, the new engine is to have, the prices start at 18.450 euros.

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