Eu commission: notes on new exhaust tricks

Eu commission: notes on new exhaust tricks

The eu commission has evidence of new exhaust-tricks of european automakers. These could have stated the co2 outstob so that they had to achieve less strict specifications in the long term, it is in one on wednesday (25. July 2018) personal letter of the united states of eu commissioners to the eu states and european parliament representatives. First, the handelsblatt had reported daruber.

The evaluation of the management data from eu countries have shown that the manufacturers could have used the transition phase to the wltp, "overhose their wltp emissions values for 2020," says it in writing. This was driven that 2021 lower emission targets had to be achieved. Which manufacturers of this procedure was found was initially unclear.

Since the wltp goals for 2021 are also the starting point for those of the years 2025 and 2030, "said overhousing, in turn, drove to lower real emission reductions in the target years," said it in writing. This could lead to the fact that the eu co2 savings goals are not achieved. The eu commission proposed in november 2017 that new cars should be cut to 15 percent less carbon dioxide until 2025, until 2030 then 30 percent less

The wltp (worldwide harmonized light vehicles test procedure) is a measuring method that should provide more realistic consumption values. From 1. September 2018 on thirst in the eu only new cars are allowed to fulfill at least the exhaust standard euro 6c. With it, the process of consumption is converted from the previous nefz (new european consumption cycle) on the wltp.

The new cycle is already binding for all vehicles, which after the 1. September 2017 were homologated. With the euro 6d temp mandatory for all new cars from september 2019, the limit values do not other. In this standard, the cars must demonstrate the effectiveness of their exhaust aftertreatment in the rde (real drive emission) on the strain. For the temporary procedure, there is now two procedures: consumption, important for the tax calculation, will continue to be charged in the laboratory – already out of ground the comparability. In the rde the pollutant outstob is recorded.

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