Fiat-minivan ellerzo and allrad panda

Fiat-minivan ellerzo and allrad panda

Munchen, 20. January 2012 – fiat tests a mini-van: after the fiat idea set in 2008 remained without direct successor, is now a new model in the starting pages. However, this should bear the name ellerzo, in italian media also circulates the loud camouflage l0. Now there are first relief pictures that show the building car on the polar circle. Maybe the new fiat is already at the geneva motor show (8. To 18. Marz 2012) presented, in october 2012 he should come to the trade.

Mini-van on punto platform

The ellerzo is based on the advanced platform of the punto and should come as a funfeaster. Also speculated is a version with seven seats. Despite strong camouflage, design bonds are recognizable by the fiat 500, but the ellerzo was allowed to be much long long with a good four meters (cinquecento: 3.55 meters). The drive is the two-cylinder turbo with 85 hp, which is already available in the 500 and in the new panda.

Panda with four-wheel drive

The panda family is also expected to expect. In the towing of the ellerzo, the almost unsatamous all-wheel version was on the way. The small car is a bit high than the basic version. Stobstangs in cross-country look are another feature of panda 4 × 4. The market launch is expected in the fall of 2012 – well then so that the small all-wheeller will debut in geneva.

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