Lexus lf-lc: sporting study presented in detroit

Lexus lf-lc: sporting study presented in detroit

Detroit (usa), 10. January 2012 – the sports car study lf-lc should show the art design of the brand lexus. The 2 + 2-seater was not designed in japan, but from toyota designburo calty in california newport beach. The premiere is at the north american international auto show (still up to 22. January 2012).

Rough glass roof

Front shows the lf-lc a spindle-shaped boiler grill mask, as it also gets the next gs hybrid. The latter will be relevant in the usa from may 2012 and later offered in europe. The diamond grill is enclosed by an aluminum frame. Front and flanks of the japanese are characterized by striking air intake. Various angles and curves in the body design should convey dynamics. The day-running lights are l-formigen designed, the vertically arranged fog lamps ray through a punk taster. A highlight of the concept car is the glass roof. It is flanked by lugs of polished aluminum. The luminaires on the stern attack the design of the front lamps.

Aligned with the driver

The cockpit is strong driver-oriented shaped. The built-in touchscreen system can be operated by the driver without it for example rejoicing or rejecting. With the pair of 12,3-inch lcd screens – one in the center console, one in the near the driver – can be operated audio system, air conditioning and navigation system. More complex entries are made via a touchscreen keyboard.

Similar touchscreen surfaces are also integrated into the treatments to open and shut down the windows as well as to set the outdoor mirrors and seating position.Before the driver, a bright-colored lcd display in digital and analog form displays information such as speed, tempo or coolant temperature.

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