Magsafe danger for pacemakers: apple calls safety distance

Apple has published a long support document where the group warns of various apple products of various apple products for trager of pacemakers (hsm) and defibrillators. In it, all the gates are listed in which magnets are stuck, which could potentially affect medical technology negatively. Not only products are called with the new magnetic charging standard magsafe furs iphone, but also hardware with inductive charging as well as macs in which magnets for the display closure can be found.

15 centimeters minimum distance

In addition to the listed products, there are other apple hardware containing magnets; at these is "unlikely that it comes to influence". It is still advisable, the area "product safety" consult in the respective manual. The products that apple should take place, according to the group, more than 15 centimeters of medical data are kept unfested – even 30 centimeters in the inductive loading. To specific instructions one should contact his doctor or the manufacturer of the medical council.

Distance must be held according to apple from airpods and loading (whether with inductive loading or without), where all models – ie airpods, airpods pro and airpods max velvet smart case – are called here. The apple watch velvet here also requires magnets as well as the wireless loading boathor demands distance, which could be relatively heavy depending on where the arm is located.

Magnets are still available in the homepod and in the homepod mini, in the ipad (all models plus smart cover / smart folio, smart keyboard / smart keyboard folio and magic keyboard furs ipad), in the iphone 12 (all models) velvet magsafe accessories, as well as in four apple daughter beats (flex, x, powerbeats pro and urbeats 3) four headhortry series. For the macs, apple asks for all machines at a distance – mini, pro, macbook air and pro, imac plus apple pro display xdr.

Study shows problems

Most recently, the american heart association has published a study in which the interactions between an iphone 12 pro max has been tested with magsafe and various hsm and defibrillators. At a very low distance (1.5 centimeters), interference was even if the medical ad was still in the packaging. Hsm can come through magnets from the clock, defibrillators lose their function whole or in part. Accordingly, you should be in dealing with. Apple had already been asked in january for the distance between magsafe technology and medical data.

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