Online: brabus tuning for the mercedes amg

Online: brabus tuning for the mercedes amg

Bottrop, 8. June 2007 – brabus offers a performance enhancement for cars from mercedes amg. Already unusual – a tuner topt the (factory) tuning. But what comes out when colleagues are bidding, you can see the result. The bottropers help the high-rotating 6.3-liter v8 motor with the b-63-s motor tuning to increase performance to 550 hp and to a maximum torque of 650 newton meters. Mercedes offers the 63-amg models currently on the e, s, ml clk, cls and cl series. There, the engines of 481 hp in the clk make up to 525 hp in the s-class and the cl.

Cls two tenths faster

The power syringe does itself the top variants of mercedes still good: with a sprint time of 4.3 seconds on tempo 100 and a tip of 330 km / h, for example, a cls 63 amg achieves rapid performance with b-63-s tuning. The series amg needs 4.5 seconds and is braked at 250 km / h. The ml 63 amg is after the brabus cure in 4.9 seconds on tempo 100 and becomes 275 km / h quickly. The factory counterpart needs 5.0 seconds and is also limited at 250 km / h.

Sports air filter

The 10.615 euro expensive brabus power kit includes a newly programmed engine electronics with special maps for injection and ignition. On the inlet side, a sports air filter for optimized ventilation ensures. High-performance metal catalysts allow the eight-cylinder engine to exhale free and provide for compliance with the euro-4 emission standard.

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