Pci express 5.0: samsung’s first pcie-5.0-ssd comes in summer 2022

PCI Express 5.0: Samsung first PCIe-5.0 SSD comes in summer 2022

In the second quarter 2022 samsung wants the first own ssd with pci-express 5.Introduce 0 connection. Use the new interface to double the pm1743 model the maximum transmission rate up to 14 to 16 gb / s. These ssds were first used in servers and data centers.

Servethome displays a section of a samsung presentation with the pm1743. It is therefore still on its own nand flash memory of the sixth generation, which stores three bits per cell (triple level cells, tlc). In addition, samsung sets the server format e3.S as a block for u.2-cable connections: the tubs acknowledge 2.5-inch data carriers; the plug format is searched for in desktop pcs, however,.

PCI Express 5.0: Samsung first PCIe-5.0 SSD comes in summer 2022

Not yet explained, but already planned: samsungs pcie-5.0-ssd pm1743.

Pioneer server

The pm1743 does not appear for desktop calculator, but shows that samsung will soon pcie-5.0 controllers will have – experience from our own development and production. Once pc platforms with pcie 5.0 are available, samsung could be timely m.Place 2 cartets. At the current pcie-4.The manufacturer presented the manufacturer the ssd 980 pro before other companies had already sold appropriate models for months.

Most manufacturers were allowed to buy their controllers again from third-party companies. Silicon motion wants to deliver such from the end of 2022. Marvell already samples partner, but did not call an appointment in the improvement of the bravera series for serial production.

Desktop follows

To desktop platforms appear, the pcie-5.Neel 0-ssds, meanwhile was allowed to pass enough time. Intel’s processors of the alder lake-s series (core i-12000) should be pcie-5.Provide 0-lanes, ranked but only 16 stucco primary for graphics cards. Additional lanes for m.2 slots came accordingly with 4.0 speed. At amd is questionable whether with the cpu-fang am5 directly a changeover to pcie 5.0 will take place.

For server processors, however, it works faster: intel wants from mid 2022 sapphire rapids with plenty of pcie-5.0-lanes delivery, amds epyc 7004 alias genoa with zen-4 architecture was allowed to follow timely. In data centers, pcie 5.0 particularly interesting because of the accelerator interface compute express link (cxl) runs.

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