The jewish world conspiracy on the internet

Blinding perspectives for all those terrorized, tortured and misunderstood

Paranoids in all countries have long known about the jewish world conspiracy, and they have long tried to convince the internet audience of its existence, but the task of convincing them has not always been easy.

Because the blinded and remote-controlled often showed themselves obdurate, did not want to see the signs, did not want to recognize the proofs – just as little as with the moon hoax, with the mars face, with nessie and all the other terrible things which should occupy us every day. But now it is official: the judaic world conspiracy [tm] exists – and it even has an official homepage.

One thing you have to give this conspiracy: it is quite transparent. Not only are you kept up to date with the latest project briefings, such as the nasty plan to secretly have coarser mini-coopers roll off the assembly line so that germans believe (the mini-cooper is currently manufactured by the bmw group) that they are being subjected to a shrinkage process.

You get updates on the most important conspiracy theory writing ever, the protocols of the elders of zion (now new and improved)!) and learn important things from the history of this writing, which were kept strictly secret until now: for example the fact that the inventors of the cinema were actually jews and lumierewitz, but changed their names in 1895 and invented their highly effective device for mind control, because it fit only too well into the plans of injewcon. Also the existence of barbara streisand goes back according to the new protocols of the wise men of zion (more exactly according to protocol 107) to machinations of injewcon.

But of course this is not all. What wants to be a modern conspiracy must also have a suggestion box for all those who feel oppressed and manipulated by it. And so uncle zog is ready to answer all questions, which could arise in connection with the work of injewcon.

Even members of the nazi organization aryan nations, and the very naive, who actually only want to know what the conspirators are up to during their vacations, are not left alone here. Uncle zog will explain to you what you have always known: injewcon is responsible for all the ubles they think they suffer from, and even during the vacations more sinister plans are always being hatched.

Medical advice for the members may not be missing either. Since the conspiracy expert david icke has revealed that the high degrees of the illuminati are actually shape-shifting lizards of the komodo dragon type, there is unrest among the injewcon cadres: dual memberships in the conspiratorial milieu are common, so they too could be affected. And that is why injewcon helps with a crash course in recognizing and handling one’s own lizard nature.

To take transparency to the extreme, the activists even publish a transcript of the last board meeting.

Although the blackenings increase more and more toward the end of the paper, it can be learned from the non-blackened sections that the coarse master himself likes bagels with fish paste, and the allusions to political connections and sinister plans, which are also non-blackened, make the heart of every conspiracy expert beat faster. The whole thing is rounded off by profound essays on chanukah, the jewish festival of lights, which, according to injewcon, was actually created only to confuse the goyim (gentiles) with completely incoherent orthography, and the dreidl, a spinning top game that follows no discernible rules and precisely thereby serves the strategic goal of confusing and distracting the poor victims of conspiracy.

The icing on the cake of this conspiracy is of course the possibility to become a member and to document this membership by wearing injewcon merchandise.

Just join and become a conspirator – an amazing perspective for all the terrorized, tortured and misunderstood who see their lives threatened by shape-shifting lizards, dark conspiracies and sinister covens whose members preferably have hooked noses.

But it is rather doubtful that this offer will be accepted by those who need it most urgently. The satirical form of enlightenment that injewcon engages in is ultimately as ineffective against centuries-old patterns of idiocy as the well-intentioned but naive attempts of jews to gain greater understanding among the gentiles through factual self-promotion – an endeavor that has been likened to the idea of discouraging smokers from smoking through health education. On the other hand, the website of injewcon proves that in the meantime it is at least possible to make fun of the anti-semitic conspirators. And that is worth something.

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