“There is rice, baby”

"Condi will lead us"the song and the puppet to the presidency?

Will condoleeza rice become president of the united states in 2008?? "Americans for rice" wish it. And have also a campaign song ready.

Yes, the condi. The new eagle minister of the united states of america has to live with ridicule, her name alone and her close familiarity with the president serve as a target there. Nevertheless, some would like to see her as president from 2008 onwards. The "americans for rice" are already rowdy when it comes to supporting their condi.

It is not known if they are already playing women’s catharsis with the action figures of condi and hillary. After all "hildebeast" yes, condi’s closest rival. But for this, from the bumper sticker — the sticker for the bumper — to the button, there is the necessary equipment for the condistas. And of course a listing of all the reasons why dr. Rice was to become president.

Action figure condoleezza rice at vicale corporation

Von grober wichtigkeit bei jeder kampagne ist jedoch ein offizielles lied. And this is what tan sleeve could now contribute. Their music is described as follows:

Simon garfunkel meet xtc and brian wilson at a steely dan concert. They become fast friends and go home together to write music for the next beatles album. Marvin gaye, todd rundgren and neil young come by and ask if they can join in as well. Of course they can…

Zuzula.Com: online store with the song

"Condoleezza will lead us" — so "condoleezza will (an)fuhren us" is the evocative title of the official campaign song, which was even featured by cnn in its coverage of the conservative political action conference. A fact that the condistas are celebrating as "cnn doubleheader!!!" as the stickers and buttons were also presented to viewers at the same time as two condistas gave interviews. The track is available for download as a wma file, the higher quality version can be purchased for $0.99.

Condi will, if you believe the two musicians, ensure that there will be love and peace. Fittingly, the title also ends with the phrase from "my sweet lord" hare krishna chorus, this time of course it’s called "con-do-leeza, condi, condi…"

The "americans for rice" are sure that the current minister will lead them into a glorious future as president in 2008, through the darkness into the light. And should the title of tan sleeve really come from dr. Rice as the official presidential campaign title, one was at least allowed to admire its inherent unexpected honesty, it says in the song:

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