Three special models: alfa 147 with price advantage for customers

Three special models: alfa 147 with price advantage for customers

Frankfurt, 3. August 2007 – the alfa 147 will be recovered in the model year in 2008 in the three special model variants "sportiva", "blackline" and "collezione". For the three models, there are two turbodiesel and two gasoline engines with a power spectrum from 105 to 150 hp.

Line progression as a base

The alfa 147 sportiva builds on the line "progression" and pays a bit of a chromed exhaust cover, a painted rear spoiler, 17-inch light metal roller, fog lights and a sports suspension. In addition, between the three- and the funfturige variant can be chosen. The basic price amounts to 18.590 euros. This saves the savings in the special model to 2285 euros.

Sports suspension included

The individualized equipment of the more noble and always provided with a black lacquered roof-centered alfa 147 blackline is based as the sportiva on the version progression. It contains extras such as a chromed exhaust panel, black b-suction, a black interior, a multifunction display with trip computer, from the b-saule darkened slices and a sports suspension. At a basic price of 19.450 euro is saved when buying the 147 blackline 2645 euro.

From 18.970 euros

With a particularly exclusive appearance, the alfa is waiting for 147 collezione. In addition to the extension of the "progression" equipment, serial mab are included, for example, a chromed exhaust panel, black b-suction and fiber mats with 147 logo. Furthermore, the special model has for the price of 18.970 euro a climate control, light metal wheels in 17-inch format and seat cover and tower inserts in leather panna. This corresponds to a price advantage of 2275 euros against a comparable series model.

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