Worth the drive with natural gas and autogas?

Worth the drive with natural gas and autogas?

Hannover, 3. September 2008 – since the old round of the first year’s gainful, in which the barrel rohol has risen at times over $ 140, many car houses wonder if there are no alternatives to gasoline and diesel. Although prices on the gas station have again stabilized something, but the fear of further rising fuel prices has become the ideal companion. No wonder that gas-powered cars are rising on rising interest – even with motorists who so far no experiments wanted to make.

Growing offer
thus, according to zulangsstatistik of july 2008, although not even one percent of the sold new cars gas propulsion, but the percentage growth is high – and reconstruction are not even considered. Many handlers have now discovered the conversion to autogas as an interesting additional company, stooped broaches are now often advertising effectively on the counter instead of the drawer. The supply of vehicles, which provide standard gas propulsion, growth: with zafira 1.6 cng ecoflex and the touran ecofuel, for example, offer opel and vw family-friendly compact vans as a natural gas vehicle, only two models amazingly many that the market offers. So far little respected because of the low gas start density, they are now asked for more due to the high energy prices.

The acquisition costs of these natural gas cars are currently equal to those of the economical diesel models. However, your maintenance is significantly cheap. For a consumption of 5.8 kg of natural gas per 100 km, the fuel costs for the touran ecofuel with 80 kw (109 hp), for example, 5.45 euros per 100 km. The almost equal touran tdi bluemotion consumes 5.4 l diesel per 100 km and is therefore 7.56 euros (at present 94 cents for one kg of natural gas and 1.40 euros per liter of diesel). The zafira 1.6 cng ecoflex with 69 kw (94 hp) is still favorable with a consumption of 5 kg of natural gas and thus 4.70 euros per 100 km. The saving will, of course, vary slightly if you do not use the nefz consumption data, but real consumption values – and these hits are known to be strong of driving style and driving profile.

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