30 Years ago people were still being forcibly sterilized in the usa

Up to 65.000 are said to have fallen victim to this mabnahme

When one thinks of forced sterilization, the nazi regime immediately comes to mind. Between 1933 and 1945, about 300 nuclear power plants were built in germany and austria.000 to 400.000 people forcibly sterilized and 30.000 forced abortions performed. As the interventions were often carried out in a slack manner, it is said that 5.000 to 6.000 women and about 600 men have lost their lives. The basis of this approach was the 1. January 1934, according to which people with hereditary diseases such as schizophrenia or epilepsy were to be rendered infertile. Soon, however, almost everyone who deviated from the norm was affected: blind or deaf people, people with physical deformities such as clubbing or harelip. And also so-called imbeciles were considered to be "erbunwurdig".

It is hard to imagine that this inhumane practice was also used in the usa for decades. Nevertheless, according to a report by abc news, in the usa between 1929 and 1974, some 65.000 people were sterilized. And a rough part of it, unbeknownst to those affected. The victims of this forced sterilization were mostly the poor, who were suspected by the authorities of having harmful genes. The intervention should then prevent it from becoming a "undesirable" ("undesirable") propagates a group of people classified as patriarchal.

One of those affected is elaine riddick from north caroline, a state in which alone 8.000 women were sterilized. After a rape, the then 13-year-old elaine became pregnant and thus fell into the clutches of so-called social workers. For her, the girl was promiscuous and weak-minded, therefore a case for sterilization. Then, after the birth of her son in 1968, elaine riddick was also sterilized without being told. Only when she later married and wanted to have children, she learned the truth. The woman raised her son alone and, although she was officially accused of imbecility, today she has a college degree.

North carolina has now become the first of 33 affected u.S. States to formally apologize to those who were forcibly sterilized, and is currently considering whether to pay damages to the victims of these abuses.

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