After the abhort at volkswagen there is a suspicious

After the Abhort at Volkswagen there is a suspicious

For thursday, volkswagen has been suspicious of having a long time talking to an internal working group on problems with the supplier prevent. This reports the business newspaper handelsblatt citing informed circles.

There were only three volkswagen representatives

The online business magazine business insider published on the weekend. The circle of the suspects had been very small, struggling to participate in the meetings only three volkswagen representatives participated. Prevent had not been said, none of your employees have made shots.

Neither the prosecutor’s office braunschweig, in which volkswagen has immediately after known the pre-warfare criminal charges against unknown, still wanted volkswagen spokesman on demand of the newspaper.

In the working group with the name "project 1" it went up to the rationale of the business relationships with prevent about how volkswagen should deal with the supplier. The internal team had the task after official information, "further damage to the company, its customers, employees and suppliers."

The background of the dependence could be the many still open legal procedures with prevent. Prevent demands 750 million us dollar damages, volkswagen, in turn, wants to achieve the damage from the delivery stop in 2016 and quantifies the order of magnitude to more than 100 million euros. According to prevent, a good ten procedures are currently available at the same time before german courts.

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