Cloud gaming: google stadia starts in austria and switzerland

Cloud Gaming: Google Stadia starts in Austria and Switzerland

Google stadia is now also available in austria and switzerland. The cloud gaming service started on eight other market over a year after its first publication. These also pay poland, czech republic and hungary. Overall, google stadia is now available in 22 countries.

In order to log in to google stadia, a gmail account is necessary. In the light, you have the choice, whether you like a subscription with high game resolution: most games have to be purchased separately – even if you have already completed a subscription. The subscription costs regular 10 euros a month.

To test the connection qualitat, the free2play shooter is available "destiny 2" at. Since the 19. November, the game of developer bungie can also be played completely for free on stadia. So you can try new users, whether the streaming quality is sufficient and whether the latency is liable for a quick shooter.

"Cyberpunk 2077" on stadia

What stadia was missing so far, were rough, current blockbuster titles: many coarse productions were not or only with delay to google’s cloud gaming service. The action roleplay "cyberpunk 2077" starts on 10. December, however, at the same time with pc and consoles on stadia – it is probably the wellty launch title in the well-year-old history of the cloud service.

Google also continues to implement promised features before starting. Players should now get the possibility to stream directly from stadia on youtube. The function should soon be available to users of google stadia subscription variant.

In the run-up to the releases of stadia, especially the youtube integration had awakened rough hopes: users should, for example, be able to jump directly from youtube videos to stadia. To the launch of stadia, however, the youtube integration was barely available.

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