Drag strip racer ford mustang cobra jet

Drag strip racer ford mustang cobra jet

Dearborn (usa), 20. December 2010 – ford introduces the latest evolutionary level of his mustang cobra jet. Humming is intended for starts on dragstrips, the us-typical asphalt lanes for acceleration race, thought and makes a suitable optics.

Only 50 pieces

The cobra jet stands in a tradition for 1968. At that time, the vehicle was introduced to the winterational, a dragrace event of the national hot rod association (nhra). This organizer of dragrnen still exists today. The cobra jet presented in 2008 to the 40th-year jubilaum won the wintering as his ancestor. The 2010 version was also good for victories in various dravagrace classes. With the variant presented for 2011, successes on the dragstrip should also be possible – but only for 50 drivers, because more specimens will not give it from the race model.


The cobra jet a race-ready vehicle, where "only the key must be turned around", how it expresses ford. For the first time it will be the "cj" add in three colors: "race red", "grabber blue" and "winner white". Fit for the dragstrip, the ford with a racing automatic transmission, special suspension springs and steamers, steering and brakes without servo suppression, a surprising and other fuel system.

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